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by Haadi Bakar
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Want to make some money? DST Incomm is giving out commissions to those who sign up for their new e-vendor programme.

DST Incomm’s mobile app now has a new feature called e-vendor, which gives shoppers cash incentives when buying products from its online marketplace.

It also gives Bruneians the opportunity to start a side hustle or online business, especially for long-time Easi resellers in the country.

Here’s how it works: After signing up, customers can buy e-vendor credits which can then be used to buy products from DST Incomm. They will also be rewarded with “commission points” for their purchases, which can be cashed out at DST Incomm’s main office.

Vendors can get up to 5% commission from DST Incomm when buying products from the mobile app (downloadable via Google PlayStore).

CategoriesBelow $1,000$1,000 and above
Phone accessories3%5%
PC accessories3%5%
Desktops / Laptops3%5%
Routers & Networking3%5%
Refurbished Items1%2%
Mobile Phones /

Customers can collect their orders from DST Incomm stores during opening hours. They are required to present their ID and order number for verification.

E-vendor Credits

The new e-vendor credits allow customers to buy products on the DST Incomm mobile app and get commission. These credits can be obtained directly from the app, but customers will have to make payments for the credits at a DST Incomm branch within 24 hours of purchase.

Customers may purchase a minimum of $100 and up to $1,000 worth of credits per transaction, and they can make muliple deposit transactions per day.

A customer checks out a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ smartphone at the Samsung Experience Store in Gadong. E-vendor also lets you get commissions from reselling smartphones carried by DST Incomm.

Customers are also entitled a 1% discount for every deposit transaction, which is automatically calculated by the system. For example, customers only pay $99 when purchasing credits of B$100.

The E-vendor section on DST Incomm’s mobile app allows customers to check their credit balance, transaction history, completed orders and their commission points.

Commissions can be withdrawn 30 days after purchase and can be collected at all DST Incomm counters.

For more information, contact 8998086.

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