No cash? McDonald’s in Brunei now accept cashless payments

by Haadi Bakar
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The next time youre craving a Big Mac or Double Cheeseburger, skip the ATMs because McDonald’s is now accepting cashless payments.

The American fast food chain has upgraded its entire point-of-sale (POS) systems with BIBD’s integrated cashless payment solutions, enabling its customers to make payments simply by waving their debit cards or smartphones over POS terminals.

These terminals work with all Visa and MasterCard payments, as well as an NFC-equipped smartphone with a mobile wallet installed.

The cashless payment service is also extended to McDonald’s drive-thru lanes.

BIBD Head of Retail Banking Hjh Nurul Akmar initiating a contactless card payment at a McDonald’s counter.

Driving the cashless trend

Law Siew Vui, BIBD’s Head of Merchant Services, said that the new integrated cashless payment system, which took them two years to deploy at McDonald’s, will significantly improve customer convenience.

“You don’t have to go to the ATM and withdraw cash,” he added.

The BIBD senior official said that the new cashless payment system will also help reduce the customers’ queuing time thanks to a speedy transaction.

“It only takes less than 10 seconds to make the transaction via contactless cards or smartphones, and you don’t have to sign any receipt like you normally would when a merchant swipes your credit card.”

From L: Mohamad Al-Fatah, General Manager of Makan Ceria, BIBD’s Head of Retail Banking Hjh Nurul Akmar and BIBD’s Head of Merchant Services Law Siew Vui during the press conference at McDonald’s Gadong earlier today.

Law said the new system will also benefit the restaurant in reducing workload and risks related to cash handling as well as improve their accounts.

BIBD hopes that this would be replicated in other types of businesses in the country, such as retail stores and supermarkets.

“Our ultimate goal is to encourage the public to get used to the idea of cashless payments,” said Hjh Nurul Akmar Hj Jaafar, BIBD’s Head of Retail Banking.

“Going cashless has so many advantages. More importantly, transactions are documented, and this is good for the economy in the long term,” she added.

To help drive user adoption, BIBD does not impose a minimum payment for cashless transactions at McDonald’s.

A McDonald’s Drive-thru outlet in Lambak.

Adopting new technologies

McDonald’s said this new integrated cashless payments system is in line with its global ‘Experience of the Future’ initiative that seeks to improve customer convenience through adoption of the latest innovations.

“Setting up a cashless payment system has been a requirement for us,” said Mohamad Al-Fatah Haji Seruji, General Manager of Makan Ceria, the parent company that manages McDonald’s Brunei. 

“In fact it has been requested by our customers for quite a long time,” he added.

Apart from cashless transactions, Fatah said McDonald’s Brunei is also exploring new technologies to help serve its customers better.

“One of the things we’re currently looking to set up in the foreseeable future is a self-ordering kiosk – customers can select their orders themselves, pay using our cashless system, and then collect their orders from the pickup counter.”

Fatah also tabled the idea of a hi tech table service in which customers can order for themselves and wait for the meals to be delivered to their table.

“These are all being tested at McDonald’s overseas and soon we will be rolling them out here,” the general manager added.

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