What you need to know before watching Avengers: Endgame

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That’s right! It’s officially another Avengers week everyone! This one’s sure to go down in history as probably the biggest superhero movie of all time with ticket pre-sales outselling its predecessor, Avengers Infinity War.

Everyone’s either gone humble or hostile at this point with any sense of spoiling the experience right now but there’s no harm in a little crash course of what you should know going in and maybe even a few predictions here and there to make things interesting!

So put your hype aside and prep your nerd hats, here’s our quick list of updates, known facts and some predictions and hopes for Avengers Endgame!

WARNING! POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD! (We can’t promise that some of these won’t actually be true spoilers to the movie but to be safe, heed our warning)

1) 22 Days after Infinity War

The last head count of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes were the core team, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, and the Hulk in Wakanda along with War Machine and Okoye as the only survivors of The Snappening (I’m making that a thing now). Iron Man and Nebula were all that’s left on Titan and judging from what we’ve seen in the End Game teasers so far, they do eventually make their way back to Earth. Hawkeye was heavily missing during the events of Infinity War but just like the original movie, he makes a comeback in the follow up but this time with a drastic vengeance as the mysterious Ronin. (More on this below!)

Everyone is still distraught from the loss of half the universe and that plays a key role to the plot of the movie. Things are dire and with less than what they had before, the Avengers scrape the bottom of the barrel to make their last stand and Avenge the Fallen.

It’s no surprise that they will eventually succeed in the end but the journey there is really what we’re all curious about!

2) Moving on

The entire universe takes the ‘L’ thanks to Thanos and the aftermath is where things get real – maybe even a bit TOO real especially for our heroes. We’re always seen superhero flicks go through the motions of discovering their powers, going through self-doubt and eventually rise up to the challenge in almost every origin but this is probably the first time we see them face reality. Something you can’t just walk away from.

Sure, New York was devastated by Loki and Sokovia faced extinction with the help of Ultron but the Avengers dealt with that and so did we as the audience. But what about this? How do you save everyone who’s just dust?

It is only fitting that the conclusion of our 10-year run with the Marvel Cinematic Universe comes with a grounded sense of reality and having our heroes finally face the consequences of their failure just hits the spot of how invested we have been with them.

3) Back to the future?

Many fan theories and speculations had the impression that a lot of time will take place in the events of End Game. Some even think that the Avengers will go back in time to make things right.

In truth, using time to alter the events of a story can be a double edged sword – some will consider it genius while others would call it pure laziness. Comic book writers often use time travel to retcon characters or story arcs to suit their means so it won’t be a surprise for End Game to adopt such mechanics to conclude its story.

We obviously know the Time Gem (yes, still not calling them stones) could do this as Thanos demonstrated before but another possibility would be the Time Vortex in the Quantum Realm, briefly mentioned in the post credits scene of Ant-Man & The Wasp.

We’ve seen images and trailers that show our heroes in different states – beard to no beard and blonde to red hair, so there is some indication that much time has passed or time is altered in some way.

4) Who is this Ronin guy?

If it isn’t obvious already, Hawkeye is Ronin – the black threaded ninja with gold trimmings who seems to opt for a kitana over his traditional bow and arrow.

We won’t know much about his drastic costume change until we actually see End Game but to reference the comics, Ronin was initially an assassin for hire recommended by Daredevil to assist the New Avengers (2004) in Japan.

First to take up the role was Maya Lopez a.k.a Echo who was a deaf yet skilled combatant who could take on a swarm of Hand ninjas until the New Avengers came in to help her.

It wasn’t after the events of House of M where Clint Barton died and was resurrected into the Earth 616 universe, deciding to abandon his Hawkeye persona for the darker Ronin facade when rejoining the NEW New Avengers in 2007.

With all the brooding that’s going on with our heroes, there’s no doubt Hawkeye got his fair share in probably the loss of his family and having that resonate in his new persona does add new flavour to his ever evolving role in the MCU.

5) The end for Tony or Steve?

Even though the MCU was birthed by the debut of Iron Man, the central story still revolves around the relationship between Tony and Steve. I mean, they had an entire movie dedicated to their rough patch so obviously the spotlight doesn’t stray too far away from these two.

Iron Man represents the future in general as well as the physical embodiment of the MCU where he has introduced and harboured characters such as War Machine, Spider-Man, Black Widow and more while continuing the trend of expanding a densed universe. Captain America on the other hand is a traditionalist, representing the values and morales of being a good person as well as a superhero in a time where the balance between good and evil is always in question.

These two are the ying and yang of the MCU’s central story for the past three phases so as we anticipate the next generation to step in, it only seems fitting for the old guards to step aside.

People are assuming that Steve might bite the bullet with the announcement of Chris Evans’ departure from the MCU. But I think it is only fitting that the end of an era comes at the demise of the first son, Iron Man.

Of course, I may be wrong but the poetry behind all this is just too beautiful to not pull through.

6) No post credits needed

We’ve all gotten spoilt with the tradition of watching the post credits thanks to the MCU. This ritual has always given us a taste of what’s next to come as well as a little nod to our inner nerdgasm. But seeing how Endgame just might truly be the end of an era, not having a post credits scene just makes sense.

You know I’ve been vouching for the X-Men and Fantastic Four to appear in the MCU for quite awhile now but having this chapter close with what we’ve already seen just makes more sense than an ellipsis of what’s to come.

So yes, no post credits I say. We deserve a proper curtain call to this amazing run.

7) Stan’s final appearance

End Game will not only be the closing to the MCU’s overall story arc but also the final appearance to one of Marvel’s founding fathers as well, the great Stan Lee. His cameos has always been a nice personal touch to every movie but this last one could just be the most fitting tribute to the man who created OUR Universe.

8) Cap the worthy!

If you recall the teaser and eventual scene we saw back in the Age of Ultron, the Avengers humoured at the enchantment behind the powerful Mjolnir – Thor’s trusted hammer which no longer exists thanks to Hela in Thor Ragnarok. In that scene, we saw Steve Rogers make his attempt with a slight flinch that only Thor noticed – hinting the possibility that Cap just might be worthy enough to lift the mighty Mjolnir one day.

Us comic book readers have seen this happen before, most recently in the comic events of Secret Empire and another time during Fear Itself. Cap has always been the most righteous man in the Marvel Universe who everyone looks up to and having him wield the mystical weapon just further cements the statement of how such a man is even worthy enough for the Gods of Asgard.

The hammer may no longer exist in the MCU but in the slight chance that time travel does happen in End Game, I would settle to see Oh Captain, My Captain revisit the events of Age of Ultron and wreak havoc with the power of the God of Thunder.

9) Avengers ASSEMBLE!

The battlecry that every Avengers fan knows when s**t is about to get real! Yet after 22 movies, we still haven’t heard ANY of our heroes (most preferably Cap) bellow the words.

To be fair, the closest we’ve ever gotten to it was at the end of Age of Ultron just as Cap overlooks his new team of ‘Secret’ Avengers but ultimately denied by the end credits.

So what are the odds of it happening now? I imagine the final act to be the battle for the ages. If by SOME MIRACLE that our fallen heroes make a return for the grand finale, I would imagine this battlecry to outright send us, the audience, into a fanboy frenzy.

Just let Cap say it, please.

Avengers End Game hits theatres this Wednesday 24 April nationwide! And remember, don’t be a spoiler! (Sorry if we have though!)

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