Reigning champions: Goodfellas Gaming extends hot streak at CSGO national tournament

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Brunei’s reigning Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) champions remain untouched in another successful bout through the 6th Gaming Tournament: CSGO Edition yesterday at the Times Square Shopping Centre.

Goodfellas Gaming were set to be dethroned by Team Hit & Run in the Grand Finals of the three day tournament, as they faced off on Vertigo for Round 1 and later Train for Round 2 – the former being a map not too versed by the ever popular champions.

Earlier in Round 1, Team Hit & Run dominated Goodfellas Gaming with their fast pace and aggressive play style, overwhelming their opponents and maximising their advantage of being Ts. Team Hit & Run played the throwable game, flushing out their enemies and pushing them to make risky moves at every turn. But they underestimated their opponent which gave Goodfellas Gaming enough time to study their strategy and ultimately turning the tides.

Reigning CSGO champions Goodfellas Gaming during the grand finals at Times Square Shopping Centre yesterday.

Goodfellas Gaming played the patient game and dominated Team Hit & Run once the tables were turned, making Team Hit & Run regret revealing so much of their strategies once they were CTs.

The plays were intense and the clutches were real but there is no denying that patience and experience in knowing your opponents will always assure you victory.

Goodfellas Gaming took home the championship after winning both rounds, displaying rough starts in both plays but convincing victories nonetheless.

Taking third place following the epic clash of the two teams was RPG Jumanji.

The heated grand finals at Times Square Shopping Centre yesterday.

This is esports

The tournament was organised by Times Square Shopping Centre and BruGames Management Services in collaboration with Netcom Computer House which sponsored the event via renown PC gaming brand, Hyper X.

In promoting the growing competitive scene, the event cements another milestone in Brunei’s esports platform by elevating the local player standard and granting new opportunities for the player base to expand and grow.

Hyper X played a major role in support of the event as the Top 3 teams walked away with the Cloud Stinger, Cloud II Pro Gaming and Cloud Alpha headsets.

The HyperX Gaming Showcase organised by Netcom in tandem with the 6th Gaming Tournament: CSGO Edition at Times Square.

Netcom’s involvement for such events further demonstrates their continued support for the local esports scene in Brunei. Having been the sponsors for Goodfellas Gaming in the years prior, they hope to be an integral role in the development of the esports and potentially support other Bruneian teams and players in future gaming events – locally and abroad.

BruGames Management Services is the premier esports organisers in Brunei, with more than five years of experience under their belt.

Stretching from titles such as CSGO, DOTA 2, League of Legends, Mobile Legends and Rules of Survival, the association sets their eyes on enhancing the competitive gaming experience in Brunei and abroad by developing player base and skill set of the local gaming community.

A group photo with the top three teams and representatives of Netcom and Brugames Management Services.

The 6th Gaming Tournament: CSGO Edition was organised from April 19-21 at the Times Square Shopping Centre with a total of 16 participating CSGO teams.

The three-day tournament pitted the teams in the group stage as they progressed into the semi-finals and eventually the grand finals.

The teams consisted of Bruneian players of different ages and genders who demonstrated exceptional skills in both teamwork, strategy, and tactical coordinator.

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