Fake friend requests: Do you really know who they are?

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By: Mohd Zulfadly Haji Ismail

Do you really know your social media friends in real life? Let’s ponder on that for a second.

For example, do you know who those people who sent you a friend request on your Facebook? You may know the individuals on your friends list in real life but do you know all of them? Have you ever met all of them in real life? 

There’s a chance that some of these accounts may look real but in reality, it’s actually not a real account, and that the account holder has an an ulterior motive.

In this digital era, it’s so easy for us to create a fake account to spread lies, false rumors and false information using a fake profile name and photo.

We have the tendency to accept “friend requests” from them without making a thorough investigation of who they really are.

Do you know that once you accept their friend request, they could follow everything you post online? You may think that this is a small matter but these users can download and screenshot your photos easily.

Now here’s an interesting food for thought. Can you imagine what they can do to your photos once they obtain it?

Stay vigilant and take care of yourself especially in the cyberspace.

Translated by: Abd Wafiy Haji Mohammad
Edited by: Siti Nuratiqah Haji Matnoor

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