High-speed broadband reaches Temburong residents

by Haadi Bakar
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Residents of Temburong district’s Kg Rataie now have access to high speed broadband after Telbru completed the fibre optic cables installation at the residential area yesterday.

The 600 households at the Rataie National Housing Scheme can now subscribe from TelBru’s 15 plans, with speeds offered up to 300mbps.

Kg Rataie is the second cluster of Temburong residents to receive fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) connections following Bangar town last year.

The Rataie housing area is the most populated area in Temburong with 670 homes.

Telbru said the FTTH installation at Kg Rataie is a “pivotal moment” in the district’s history.

Prior to this, residents in Temburong relied on e-speed, Telbru’s older generation broadband internet access delivered through copper cables with speeds of 1 to 5mpbs.

“The availability of high-speed broadband can bring plenty of benefits to the development of the country’s community,” said TelBru’s Board Lead Ahmad Jefri Abdul Rahman, adding that the FTTH service will help boost business, increase productivity and provide job opportunities.

The telco also plans to use “alternative technologies” to bring high-speed broadband to the more challenging areas in the heavily-forested Temburong District.

Telbru is also building a branch in Bangar.


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