ASUS TUF FX505: Built to last

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Tough and Fast, Built to Last – pretty much sums up the description for the ASUS TUF FX505 and though it may sound like a poster line for the Fast & Furious franchise, there’s no mistake that ASUS means serious business with this line of laptops.

The TUF Gaming series is quite an intimidating line up for something as straightforward as laptops. They were designed for durability but it comes as a surprise to me when it promotes certain resistant features which I would never even dare to think of putting my laptop through.

ASUS claims that the TUF laptops has resistance to shock, vibration, temperature, humidity, altitude and solar radiation – all of which are situations I doubt most people would go through on a daily basis (unless you are gaming while you’re doing extreme sports) but they are great features to have nonetheless.

The TUF FX505 is the latest model available in Brunei thanks to C.F. King and our first impression was a definite cosmetic upgrade from the FX504 we previously reviewed.

Not a far departure in terms of design from its predecessor but having a black metal finish does make this new iteration much more enticing. The FX505 sticks with its aluminium finish but now sporting the popular black metal look – a gamer favourite if not most neutral choice to go with. Lifting the top reveals more drastic changes from the FX504, most notably the keyboard which fully embraces its RGB potential.

Going for a slightly more matted tone, the FX505 doesn’t exert too much to stand out in a crowd. It blends nicely if not seamlessly with your neighbour’s student or work laptop at a public cafe which may be distracting for some. What you need to remember is that its subtle exterior packs a technological power for you to do pretty much any graphical burdening task you would put your jacked up desktop through.

The model we had in hand was loaded with i7 8750H CPU, GTX 1060 6GB graphics card and 16GB RAM which is quite impressive so such a compact set up considering how the amount of work and durability its reputation set it out to be.

Aside from its CPU, I have similar specs on my home desktop and having to grind video editing and gaming alternatively does take a toll when not maintained carefully. To see the FX505 reputably handle my amount of work was a test I was looking forward to and it didn’t fail to surprise me.

Rendering times on Adobe Premiere Pro for a one minute clip of basic footage was acceptable, considering such a bread and butter process should go without a hitch anyway. Going into detail more more transitions and effects was what really put the GPU and RAM to work as the render times were now pushed back and showed more strain. Though this was to be expected, it was nice that I could still browse on Chrome while the rendering frames happened in the background.

Despite the minor drags, the FX505 still proves to be a capable visual editing machine that I dare say be on par with a Macbook. So if you’re not a dedicated Final Cut Pro user or rely heavily on the Mac ecosystem, the FX505 is an option for you to consider as its performance and delivery of the Adobe Suite package is just as good as any high spec desktop.

When it comes to gaming however, it does stutter more than I would expect it to for a laptop and though my previous experience came as a surprise, my opinion for gaming on laptops has not changed.

The GTX 1060 6GB GPU is a powerful tool the FX505 takes pride in but I had a run in with the same issues as the review for the ASUS ROG Strix SCAR II where there were frame drops from basic games such as Overwatch. It was only later I found that I needed to tweak the various settings (ASUS Gaming Center, Battery/Power settings & GeForce Experience) that were adjusting the frame rate without me knowing which ultimately conflicted the game to underperform.

In short, the limbs were slapping the face without the brain telling it to. This is an unnecessary obstacle for new adopters who just want to game with the FX505 right out of the box but a small setback for veterans who already know their way around a PC. This is worth noting if you plan to dominantly game on this laptop but shouldn’t scare you off from how well it performs once you get your settings and modes just right.

You can expect the fans to prep for take off once the laptop starts taking on heavier tasks, which is also to be expected but not loud or annoying enough to irk you while you’re using it. The fans vent from the back of the laptop so it naturally stays cool and easy without any hinderances.

The TUF FX505 is definitely an upgrade from the FX504 which was somewhat of a disappointment to some with its mediocre components and performance. But what the predecessor lacks the FX505 makes up for with a slab of new paint and price point that is still pretty reasonable for heavy users and even students.

I recommend the FX505 to photo and video editors who like to work on the go and game wherever and whenever they can. It is adequate in processing tasks that most creatives go through on a daily basis and having that reliability is a huge plus when you compare it to the inflated prices of a Macbook Pro.

If you’re looking for a Macbook alternative and need the durability to go with your nomad lifestyle, look no further than the TUF FX505.

Get yours today from C.F. King with the promo code, GEEKTURFFX505, and cash in on their National Day Promo Prices which ends on March 9, 2019!

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