Black Mirror Bandersnatch: Netflix makes the world’s first interactive movie

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Hello 2019!

I’m sure you’ve all had an interesting 2018 but that’s all in the past now. The choices you have made have now placed you here, reading this review and honestly, that could be a good or bad thing. But one thing’s for sure, the choice to watch Netflix’s Black Mirror Bandersnatch is something you’d wish you would have done sooner than later.

If you’re familiar with the Black Mirror series, then you’d already know the concept of the show. It’s an anthology series where standalone episodes chronicle our relationship with technology – in often cases taking a turn for the worse. Most episodes theme this “techno phobia” which parallels our growing modern society and how our dependency creates a scare for its influence in our evolution.

One episode has a world where people would rate each other through a points system that determines your entitled privileges in life depending on your rank – want good service? You got to have a 5.0 rating [Episode – Nosedive, Season 3]. Another story shows the spiraling consequences of leaving your webcam open for black mailers to watch you. The list goes on and they are definitely terrifying scenarios [Episode – Shut Up and Dance, Season 3].

Bandersnatch is the first movie to fall under the notorious franchise with an interesting twist that only Netflix could have executed in such a revolutionary fashion – making it the first movie you HAVE TO stream online to experience its full potential.

The story follows a young game developer, Stefan, played by Fionn Whitehead (Dunkirk), in the 1980s, who was inspired by a book of the same name, in adapting a video game where players could choose their path and ending similar to the book. Much like the plot of this movie, YOU as the viewer dictate where the story goes in a series of choices pivotally placed throughout the movie. For you gamers out there, think Heavy Rain but in an actual movie with events happening in real time. It’s just insane!

You dictate where the story goes in a series of choices pivotally placed throughout the movie.

One of the early choices you have to make in the movie is as simple as what breakfast cereal you want Stefan to have. As the plot moves on, more critical choices determines where your story goes and trust me, this is where the word ‘mindf**k’ really puts things into perspective. You could jump off a building, kill someone or full on go God mode in breaking the fourth wall with the character by telling him you’re watching him on Netflix.

Honestly, there really isn’t a way to spoil this movie since everyone will have a different story based on the different choices they make. So there really is no conventional way to review this movie to begin with!

I’ll just say that the experience is THE best and FIRST interactive movie we’ve gotten in the 21st century that no one other than Netflix could have pulled off. Having the internet as the steering wheel to driving the movie really sets it apart from traditional movies and keeping it in line with the theme of Black Mirror just really makes it go full on meta.

So to kick off this new set of 365 days, sign up or login Netflix now and give this Bandersnatch a shot. If you’re a pirate and think that downloading this movie would get you the same experience than you’re definitely starting this whole new year wrong. Watch this on your PC, Phone, Smart TV, PS4 or any means of online interactivity while you stream it.

DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS MOVIE. It’s Netflix or nothin’.

Black Mirror Bandersnatch – 10/10

PS: Everyone should have a definitive conclusion to their story with a proper end credits but the best way to determine what ending you get is the rating Bandersnatch gets by the critics in the TV Show. My ending was two out of five stars.

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