Power outage? Your PC needs backup power supply with surge protection

by Haadi Bakar
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Buying a surge protector might not seem like a priority for some people. I mean, it’s not as exciting as a graphics card upgrade or an Osmo Pocket.

But if you own a desktop workstation or a gaming PC at home, or you’re running a small business, you shouldn’t hold off from getting one. Those cheap power strips won’t save your PC from unexpected electrical surges.

Consider surge protectors like insurance for your computer. In fact, we recommend getting a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) unit from APC. These provide back-up power during a power outage in addition to surge protection.

Here are reasons why you should invest in a backup power unit and surge protector today:

Prevent data loss

Data loss due to power-outages is a huge risk for everyday home users and also businesses.

Globally, businesses have lost billions of dollars worth of data due to power outages, and most studies do not even take into account personal lost of priceless data like family pictures and videos.

When you hook up your computer to UPS unit, it essentially gives you emergency power in the event of a power outage.

It gives you ample time (an average of 5 to 15 minutes depending on voltage size) to make quick important backups and for you to safely shut down your computer before the UPS unit’s battery runs out.

They’re called surge protectors for a reason

When you plug your computer into a regular power outlet, the device is supplied with a consistent voltage level to function correctly.

But under certain conditions such as power outages or faults with the power grid, spikes or surges in voltage can occur, and these can fry your PC.

A common surge protector will stop voltage spikes and surges from damaging your equipment, by diverting the extra energy from a surge or spike into a protective component allowing only the appropriate voltage to reach your equipment.

They’re useful even if you only use laptops

Just because laptops don’t have to be plugged to a power outlet all the time doesn’t mean its invulnerable to a power surge.

The power bricks that come with most laptops do provide a modest level of surge protection, but only for minor surges. A UPS unit like the APC BV850 should at the very least prevent mishaps like a fried power brick, or worse, a fried laptop.

They protect other electrical appliances too

A typical UPS unit has extra sockets, so you can also plug in your monitor, printer, a videogame console or your phone charger and give these devices the same level of surge protection and emergency backup power.

They’re inexpensive

The cost of getting a UPS unit is just a small fraction of how much you’d pay from getting a PC replacement.

You can get a UPS unit for just under B$100 from Concepts Computer today.

The PC store in Kiulap sells APC-branded UPS units from Schneider Electric (these guys have been doing surge protectors and backup power solutions for quite some time).

The APC BV1000 costs just $98 at Concepts Computers.

Right now the store has two new affordable models that you can easily pick up right now:

  • The APC BV850 costs $88 only. It’s ideal for basic home computers and POS (point of sale) systems in shops, and should give about 15 minutes of backup power during a power outage.
  • The APC BV1000 (pictured above) is best for those with gaming rigs or high end workstations, and provides 17 minutes of backup power. This one costs $98.

BONUS: Concepts is also giving away free Starbucks drink coupons for every purchase of an APC UPS unit from their store. Yay for free coffee!

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