JPMC enhances dental treatment with cutting-edge scanner for periodontists

by Haadi Bakar
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A new state-of-the-art dental scanner was introduced at the Jerudong Park Medical Centre (JPMC) today.

Using complex image reconstruction algorithms, VATECH Green16 provides better quality dental imaging for periodontists to use in diagnosis, treatment planning, and surgical management, especially in patients with complex cases.

JPMC Chairman YB Dato Seri Setia Dr Hj Md Isham Hj Jaafar said VATECH Green16 will bring huge benefits and positive impact on the care provided to patients at the centre.

“It puts us at the forefront of dental technology and will mean that our patients will benefit from increased accuracy in dental treatment,” added YB Dato Dr Hj Md Isham.

Unlike conventional dental scanners which uses two-dimensional imaging, the three-dimensional nature of Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) on the Green16 offers enhanced diagnostic information and increased accuracy.

In addition, the new technology only takes 5.9 seconds per scan to help minimise patient’s radiation exposure.

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Jerudong Park Medical Centre (JPMC) proudly announced the launch of the new Digital Dental Imaging System, The “VATECH Green16”, was officiated by Yang Berhormat Dato Seri Setia Dr. Hj Md Isham bin Hj Jaafar, The Chairman of Jerudong Park Medical Centre. The “VATECH Green16" is an advanced digital dental imaging system which provides better quality in dental imaging. The Digital Imaging for the dental system provides a beneficial tool for periodontists to use in diagnosis, treatment planning, and surgical management, especially for patients with who have complex cases. . . . #jpmc #jci #accreditation #ddi #diagnostic #digital #imaging #dental #jerudong #park #medical #centre #hospital #health

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Dr Ravindra Pai, the Head of the JPMC Dental Clinic, said that patients who needs dental implants and complex wisdom extractions will be able to scan with better anatomical visualisation for proper treatment panning.

Meanwhile, Varghese Paulose, Chief Operating Officer of JPMC, said that the BCT lets doctors diagnose with precision. “It is effective for the extraction of wisdom teeth, which often gets tricky due to their proximity of the inferior alveolar nerve and dental implants,’ said Paulose.

In addition, the new equipment has low-dose of radiation, and that its high-speed scanner’s high-sensitivity and resolution detector with a noise reduction algorithm help compensates for reduced dose.

“This technology reduce radiation exposure without sacrificing but even improving image quality because the two factors are closely related,” said Paulose.

It also minimises motion blur caused by the patient’s movements during a scan.

JPMC’s Dental Clinic is open for consultations from Monday to Friday from 8am to 12 noon, and from 1pm to 5 pm. On Saturdays, the clinic is open from 8am to 12 noon only.

Services offered include general dental health check-up, gum disease screening, orthodontics and braces, wisdom teeth extraction, and dental x-ray screening, among others.

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