Road to Hyperplay: Brunei’s top LoL players to compete for championship cup

by Haadi Bakar
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Seven Bruneian e-athletes will be competing against nine ASEAN countries in Singapore for the region’s first League of Legends championship cup.

Led by its captain James Chua Peng Tian, team Sigma qualified to represent Brunei at Hyperplay 2018 in Singapore after having defeated 11 other teams in an intense qualifier earlier this month.

Organised by Singapore’s Ministry of Culture and Youth, Hyperplay is an ASEAN Esports and Music Festival slated to be held at the island nation’s Indoor Stadium from August 4-5.

The event will see 10 teams from 10 ASEAN countries compete in the highly popular multiplayer online battle arena video game, League of Legends.

Accompanying team Sigma was Amar Agus Din of Game On, who serves as the event organiser for the previous Hyperplay qualifiers as well as managing team Sigma throughout their stay in Singapore.

As an Esports tournament manager in Brunei, Amar said this is the first time that his firm is bringing a team of local e-athletes to an international level.

“We hope to do this more in the future,” he added.

Amar said that regardless of the game results, the most important aspect of being part of Hyperplay is to give the local e-athletes exposure as well as provide a career pathway for them in the gaming industry.

“Esports is a big industry globally right now, and we want to help give more exposure to our local teams internationally,” added the Game On founder.

The trip is supported by Sigma Cyberspace, Brunei Tourism, Royal Brunei Recreational Club and MMW. Telbru and Aiking Brunei sponsors.

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