Solo makes up for The Last Jedi mess

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Solo is probably the one Star Wars story that had the least expectations riding upon its release yet still had enough driving power for fans to go see it. You could say the same with Rogue One but the difference is this being Han’s Prequel, something nobody really asked for.

Initially, a lot of fans were shaken by the problems this movie had going on behind the scenes. The director’s seat being swapped out along with production delays usually spell a disaster in the making (I’m looking at you, Fant4astic Four) but Solo manages to recover from that in what seems to be a seamless salvage of a movie about everybody’s favourite scruffy looking nerf herder.

The movie brings us back to Han’s early teens with a love interest you never heard of on a planet you could care less about. It was slow, to be frank, yet the movie did pace itself well enough to gently rush you through to its meaty parts. Han’s encounter with the Empire and partner-in-crime, Chewbacca, doesn’t really imprint anything significant other than pure circumstance but we do get a better understanding of how their relationships take place earlier on in this movie.

I guess what really was difficult to watch was Han, played by Alden Ehrenreich, painfully repeat his best impressions of Harrison Ford. I couldn’t get around it and while setting up the theme of the entire move, this really distracted me from where it was trying to go overall.

Han’s journey to being a smuggler does get interesting once the cast starts expanding. The focus shifts away from him and that’s when it gets more colourful (No, not just because of Lando.)

Han needed more of his real characteristics to shine with the help of others, his charm, poor negotiating skills and inner heroism comes out perfectly when he’s surrounded by people who doubt or underestimates him. And that’s when we get to know him better. We know he made the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs in the Millenium Falcon and the fact that he shot first but push all that fandom aside, only then can we get a more substantial movie and that happens more leading into the third act.

Watching Donald Glover play Lando Calrissian is probably the best casting these prequel movies have done, aside from Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan. This Childish Gambino perfectly emulates that vibe Billy Dee Williams had back in the 1980s with a twist of his own charm that made me want a movie focusing on him instead.

And let’s not get into that whole ‘Lando is pansexual’ nonsense, I’m sure Lando would go down on ANYTHING he could make love to without needing a social label for it.

Overall, we all know how boring it can be watching someone grow up to who he was destined to be (not to mention knowing that he’s already dead in the franchise) but as a Star Wars Story, Solo does a great job at setting up, what I believe to be, the future plans of where these spin off series could go.

I say this in reference to THE main reason to popped out of my seat in awe and that was the cameo we see as the movie comes to a close. It’s a heavy spoiler for what Disney probably has in stored but this is them saving them literally saving their best card for last.

Solo definitely isn’t everyone’s cup of Star Wars tea but if there’s one thing we can all assure those in doubt, this definitely is better than The Last Jedi.

Solo – A Star Wars Story : 7/10


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