How to recycle your IT junk and get great savings

by Haadi Bakar
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Got any old and unused laptop or printer lying around at home? Chances are your parents might keep their old PCs and dot matrix printers in their storeroom, or you might have an old college laptop stored in your closet.

Of course, these are mainly junk that should be disposed, but you might want to reconsider sending them to your nearest dumping site.

Did you know that we have been increasingly filling up our landfills with our old electronics? More than 20 million tonnes of e-waste are produced every year and this poses a huge problem: when electronics end up in landfills, toxics like lead and mercury leach into the soil and water.

Over 20 million tonnes of e-waste are produced Each year.

What you should be doing instead is have them recycled. Those old machines have components that can be reused, as well as valuable rare earth metals and precious metals that can be recovered and recycled to make new products. Doing this is good for the environment.

If you’re not sure where to send them for recycling, don’t fret. Concepts Computers are more than happy to help.

This week Concepts is hosting a trade-in promotion where customers can trade in their old IT junk in exchange for select IT products at discounted prices.

When you trade your old printer or laptop at Concepts, the IT store guarantees they will be taken care of and disposed professionally.

This promotion also means great savings if you recycle your IT junk through Concepts, as the promo offers discounts for a wide selection of products at its store, from Acer laptops and Epson printers to PC peripherals from Logitech and external hard drives from Seagate and Western Digital.

For instance, a brand new B$418 all-in-one Epson L565 printer gets its priced slashed down to B$334, while an Acer E5 laptop with a 15-inch Full-HD display, Intel Core i5 processor and Nvidia MX150, is selling for B$820, down from its retail tag price of B$898 when customers opt for the trade-in promotion.


You can also get trade-in discounts for DLink network devices as well as APC backup power solutions. Promotion ends March 31.

Concepts’ general manager Vincent Pao said this promotion is a great way for customers to replace old hardware with newer ones for less. “This promotion is to make it easier for our customers to bring in their older equipment and trade-in for something newer and more suited to their current needs,” added Pao.

This isn’t the first time Concepts organised a trade-in promotion, according to the store’s marketing executive Zul Abdul Rahman. “We had overwhelming response during the previous promotion, so we made the easy decision to bring it back, just in time for Ramadhan and Raya holiday shopping season,” he added.

On top of that, Concepts will also be handing out free drink carton vouchers when you spend B$300 or more on a single receipt. The drinks are redeemable at Kingston’s redemption centre in Beribi.

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