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by Izuana Al-Shah
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A friend who is also a startup owner at The Anggerek Desa Technology Park once asked me, “What do you have against Why should a small business owner pay for a customized email address rather than getting one for free?”

Out of the three email addresses listed below, which one do you think looks more professional?

I’m pretty sure you’ve put a lot of thought into coming up with your business name; you are proud of it that you’d put it up anywhere from your shirt to your Instagram ID. So why not put it on your email as well? Trust me, it’ll look good on your business card.

Migrating to your branded email

You certainly don’t need to be tech savvy to own a customised business email. Several online providers offer such email services, and setting them up is easy too.

Outlook Premium is an online service provided by Microsoft and G Suite is offered by Google Cloud. Both services are a platform for email and productivity. Plans can be varied from personal, business to enterprise.

The following is a comparison:

Having your own customised email also gives trust to your customers: they see you as a real deal. Putting serious thought into smaller administrative IT tasks means you also put serious thought into you products and services.


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