From Sennheiser to Stax: AV Electronics brings in more quality headphones to Brunei

by Haadi Bakar
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You don’t have to go overseas to buy quality headphones anymore as AV Electronics is bringing in a wide selection at its new Sound Experience Centre.

The Apple reseller recently transformed one of its branches into a headphones haven, where customers can come in and try out the store’s over 20 big-name headphone brands ranging from Sennheiser to Astel & Kern to Marshall.

It’s by far the largest selection of branded headphones and earphones carried by a Bruneian retailer in hopes to service the growing audiophile market,¬†with varying prices starting at as low as B$19 for quality in-ears and upwards of thousands of dollars for premium open-backs.

Until now, luxury headphone brand names such as Stax, Audeze and Focal have never reached Brunei shores. Premium open-back headphones like the Sennheiser 660 S, a favourite among enthusiasts, are often difficult to find in the sultanate, and AV Electronics hopes to make these high-end products more accessible for consumers here.


Seeing a surge in interest among Bruneians, the store wants to help consumers get the best audio experience possible through its high-end headphones catalogue.

The showroom also features an “Audition” room where customers can listen to their playlists privately using any of the headphones on display.¬†Demo units are available on request for auditioning, and that the store recommends its customers to bring along any existing equipment they use such as their audio players or headphones / in-ear monitors.

Other audio products available at the store include wireless bluetooth speakers, DACs and portable high-res music players.

Last weekend, the store held a DIY earphones workshop to commemorate the Sound Experience Centre’s opening. Participants sat through a one-hour session assembling Final TANE Silver earphone parts and learned how to tune their earphones in the process.

The store said it plans to conduct fun and educational activities like this at its showroom more frequently.

AV Electronics’ Sound Experience Centre is located at the first floor of The Airport Mall in Berakas.

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