Feast Fights brings fighting game community together

by Haadi Bakar
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While most people were tuning in to the HBT finals last night, hungry gamers duke out for free burgers at Feast Fights.

Organised by Meercast Gaming, Feast Fights pits gamers in fighting matches and rewards winners with food vouchers courtesy of Burger King Brunei.

Players had a choice of four popular fighting titles to battle with; Dragonball Fighters Z, Tekken 7, Street Fighter V and Super Smash Bros. Winning two matches in a row rewarded the players with a free drink, while winning three matches in a row scored them a free meal.

“When you’re against hungry people it does get a bit challenging,” said Meercast Gaming’s founder Amir Noor, who handed out the Burger King coupons to the winners throughout the event.

Meercast Gaming is a small group of gaming livestreamers that aims to put a spotlight on Brunei gamers.

Amir said that the core of Feast Fights, which he had hosted for the third time since 2012, is to have the fighting game community together, mingle in a really casual setting and also try out another game which they never had the chance to play before.

“This is the perfect contrast to a tournament setting which is always so tensed and competitive and people tend to get hostile just because they don’t want to lose. We wanted to avoid that with Feast Fights and focus more on the getting the community together for the common love for fighting games,” he added.

Feast Fights was the result of a successful collaboration between Burger King Brunei as the venue provider and also Tech Haven who provides gaming monitors for the event.

“This year we got lucky with Burger King Brunei who sponsored the freebies and venue for our event. They believed in what we wanted to achieve and having their space was the perfect atmosphere for us to just flex our fighting game skills with a good laugh among friends.

“Our friends over at Tech Haven also had a hand in supporting us by providing the monitors for each game and that just shows how they believed in keeping our community active even with the smallest of help,” said Amir.

The event managed to draw in a sizeable crowd last night, including spectators who dined at the fast food chain just to watch the matches taking place.

Amir said Feast Fights is just one of Meercast Gaming’s suite of events that is aimed at developing the local gaming scene.

“We don’t want to oversaturate the uniqueness of this event by doing it so often, but hopefully this does encourage more people to just find their own time and means of hanging out, whether online or offline, for the love of fighting games,” he added.


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