Your Geekturf guide to Infinity War (Part 2)

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This is the week guys! There’s just too much excitement to contain whatever it is that’s about to happen on screen to our beloved heroes in Infinity War so let me help clear the smoke of what can and will probably happen right here!

Before we start, be sure to check out my previous article on a quick guide to what you can expect from the movie too! And if this wasn’t obvious already, I will be running potential SPOILERS in this article so be warned!


The Infinity McGuffin

Everyone must have seen this coming (read that in Quicksilver’s voice). Last time we spoke of the Infinity Gauntlet, we literally described its potential to be limitless by its welder. A powerful being such a Thanos reaches near Godhood with a lift of the finger so how exactly can anyone match that?

Well, it seems like much of the movies plot will determine how the Infinity Gauntlet itself will be used.

We’ve never really gotten a proper explanation of its capabilities before so that kind of leaves us with plenty of room to theorise what could come out of it through the movie’s plot. For all we know, whatever we see in the trailers and promotional pics could simply be a rouse to throw us off the movie’s main plot. The Infinity Gauntlet may be the most powerful artifact in the MCU but it is also the writer’s most powerful tool as well.

I expect deception in all forms when you have the elements of Time and Space at your disposal as a writer. We could go back in time to prevent the events of Infinity War from ever happening or jump into another universe to grab their version of the Hulk (or even all their Hulks!) to beat up this Thanos. The possibilities are INFINITE (see what I did there?) so here’s a quick few I think might just happen;

One: Red Skull makes a return. Remember, he didn’t die from the Tesseract. He was just sucked in through space since it was the Space Gem after all.

Two: Quicksilver gets resurrected by the Soul Gem, potentially throwing Scarlet Witch into the main spotlight for some ol’ family tension.

Three: Some heroes die so out of desperation, the surviving heroes go back in time using the Time Gem, pull the heroes of the past to the present to help defeat Thanos. A lame theory but it does play the desperate card just right.

Thor’s Hammer, Stormbreaker

This one’s been floating around for awhile now thanks to a few spoilers from the toys but to the uninitiated, Thor goes on a side quest to get a new hammer with the help of Rocket and Groot.

He forges a new hammer with a piece of Groot, it seems, and dubs it Stormbreaker – a name we know from the comics as the mighty hammer of Beta Ray Bill, Thor’s one time foe turned ally and the first to lift Mjolnir other than Thor himself.

To add to this, Stormbreaker is part hammer, part axe and though the idea of it being referenced to Beta Ray Bill is exciting, we should also remember that Thor from the Ultimate Universe comics also wielded a similar hammer in design. A little novelty but a nice call back to one of the more underappreciated universes in Marvel Comics’ history.

Where’s Hawkeye and Ant-Man? Should we even bother with Nick?

It’s literally become a meme now.

It’s no surprise here that Hawkeye, Ant-Man and Nick Fury have deeper roles in this movie than the directors want us to know. That leaves us to even more speculation with some comics to tie up some loose ends.

Hawkeye is most likely in hiding for his family’s sake. But from a more tragic circumstance, I’m assuming that his family bites the dust in Infinity War. In the Ultimate Universe, Hawkeye actually has a family unlike his 616 Universe counterpart but they get murdered by Blackwidow in a turncoat of events.

If this does happen in the MCU, I’m sure Hawkeye will take on a much darker path with his character growth and even adopt the Ronin persona like in the 616 universe – following his resurrection after the House of M (sorry folks, you’re going to have to read the comics to get into this whole turn of events!).

Ant-Man is still on the run after the events of Captain America Civil War and judging from his new trailer, Ant-Man and the Wasp takes place right before Infinity War so we’re most likely going to get more details about him in the next few months when his solo movie hits theatres.

And the former Director of SHIELD? Probably still hanging out his Hawkeye’s barn since we last saw him in Age of Ultron.

Just Kidding.

Nick is always scheming something as we’ve learned from the comics. In the comics, Fury went into hiding after discovering the seeds of a secret invasion by the Skrulls on Earth. He watched and observed every move these shape shifting aliens made as they infiltrated the ranks of almost every SHIELD agent and hero we knew – creating a distrust amongst everyone at the time.

He finally came out of the shadows in the first major battle in New York with his team of Secret Warriors! Can we expect this in Infinity War with some new heroes for the next generation? Probably. Which leads into my next theory

The First Family and Mutants have arrived!

Everyone blew up when news hit about Disney’s purchase of 21st Century Fox and this was the first thing EVERYONE was talking about. Of course it’ll be exciting to see the X-Men and Fantastic Four in the MCU but we can’t exactly just wish them into existence without an epic introduction that they deserve.

We’ve seen Marvel downplay this once in Civil War with Spider-Man’s first appearance in the MCU in 2016. So why not do this again in a similar but epic manner?

As much as I am an X-Men fan, I am actually more excited about the Fantastic Four making an appearance simply because of Reed Richards a.k.a Mr. Fantastic. Richards is considered one of the smartest men in the Marvel Universe and being the most experienced explorer of space and dimensions, he would be the perfect fit for more Marvel adventures in the MCU.

Sure we have the Guardians of the Galaxy already up in space but I’m not a fan of throwaway comedies especially with Vol. 2. The First Family always made family feuds entertaining in every panel and having space or an alternate dimension as a backdrop just made it great storytelling.

X-Men in the MCU would be too easy. Professor X could easily be hiding the existence of mutants with a psychic block on everyone or just mindwiping anyone who’s ever met a mutant. That would be lame. Plus, having all these FoX-Men has left a bad taste in my mouth since Apocalypse so here’s to just hoping that Marvel Studios perfects them eventually.

Going back to Fury’s Secret Warriors, imagine if in Infinity War they were actually the X-Men and Fantastic Four! It would be insanely hype! But dialing it down, Marvel would probably have the Infinity gems play a part in their reveal – Reality pulling them into the MCU or maybe even Space having them crash into Earth after being lost and hit by the Cosmic Rays.

Anything is possible at this point but stay woke for this theory to happen!

I think that’s enough of this fanboy’s rant! There’s a lot running on the shoulders of this movie and managing our expectations is a tricky feat so I hope that we’re not just feeding on hype at this point. Patiently waiting for Wednesday to hit so it’s only a matter of time before this bubble bursts!

We’ll be catching the Avengers Infinity War premiere this Wednesday with the fellas of Fanboys Infinite Collectibles for the first show so if you want a review (though it’ll be pretty obvious what to expect from here), drop us a comment below!

Until then, see you in the next one!

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In comic Infinity War was epic, lets see how the movie version is. I am quite optimist for it.


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