Students learn cryptography basics

by Haadi Bakar
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Several students from higher learning institutions learned the basics of cryptography during a cybersecurity workshop held at TechOne Global last week.

The 30 participants which comprised of UTB, IGS, Politeknik and LCB students as well as representatives from private companies were taught the four pillars of cryptography; encoding, encryption, hashing and obfuscation.

Cryptography is the science of coding and decoding messages so as to keep those messages secure. It is primarily used for user authentication as well as protect data from theft and alteration.

The “Cybersecurity workshop (I) – Cryptography” is the first of a series of workshops designed to prepare participants for the upcoming Capture The Flag challenge hosted by Anak IT, an open non-profit community for IT-focused knowledge sharing.

The organiser taught the workshop participants on encoding, which is commonly used to transform data that can be properly consumed by any type of system. Examples of encoding are Base64 and URL encoding.

Participants were also taught the difference between encoding and encryption, whereby the goal oft the latter is to ensure the data cannot be consumed by anyone other than the intended recipient. Examples of encryption are AES, 3DES, DES, etc.

Meanwhile, hashing is defined as taking any input and produce a fixed-length string and is a one way encryption.

On obfuscation, participants were taught that it doesn’t securely hide the source code but rather to add obstacle to it.

The workshop was supported by TechOne Global, ITPSS and BruCert.

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