Trendy tech ideas for your wedding

by Izuana Al-Shah
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“Pics or it didn’t happen!”

It is wedding season and all the brides and grooms want to make their special occasion extra memorable. One way to spice up your big day is to use technology trends that you’re already familiar with and use everyday.

Here are some ideas to make your own high-tech wedding that’s fun, trendy and get your friends talking about it:

Wedding Invitation

Though it is taboo in our Malay culture to send out wedding invitations through instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, it’s still a great convenience to have a digital version of your invitation cards. It’s especially handy for when you want to invite your friends and relatives who live far away.

Plus, a recent poll on a personal social media shows that 77 per cent says they are okay with receiving the invitations online.

Bonus tip: Get creative with your digital invitations by adding beautiful animations or videos. You can even add a QR code or link to those videos for the recipient to see.



Wedding halls in Brunei can be considered as a landmark and everyone pretty much knows where they’re located. But what about private residences?

It is easy to get lost with the endless winding roads and simpangs especially at Perpindahan area (some even literally live in a jungle!).

With that, it is a lot easier if you were to look up for your location on Maps, get the link and shorten it (you can use tinyurl or for a customized link name) and then paste it onto your wedding invitation.

Bonus tip: Save your wedding invitation as a PDF file instead of an image format so that the link can be clickable.


If your wedding didn’t have a hashtag, did it really happen? Get social and create a special hashtag for your once-in-a-lifetime occasion, so your friends and followers can track your wedding photos (and also theirs) on social media.

And just for kicks, you might also consider adding emojis to your hashtags as well.


Have your wedding streamed live on social media (such as Instagram Live). This allows your family members or friends who could not attend your wedding to witness your event, albeit virtually.

Just make sure you have constant wifi and a power bank ready.

Customised Snapchat filter

Did you know that you can have a snapchat filter customised to your event? Certain features aren’t applicable to Brunei yet however, but we can make do with geofilters!

GIF Photobooth

Courtesy of 365 Memories Photobooth.

Photobooth is popular these days. The end product is normally the vintage polaroid-type of pictures.

So why not build a GIF Photobooth? It is relatively a new concept but it is easy to set up. All you need is a ring studio light, an iPad or Android tablet, a boomerang application, an internet hotspot, a flattering backdrop and a second of repetitive enthusiasm!

The only problem is that guests won’t be getting physical copies of the photos to commemorate your wedding day, though you can upload those photos online and tag them with your hashtag!

Optional: Get a printer and have your guests print their photos instantly, preferably with a unique template of your wedding.

So there you have it. You can also apply the above tricks onto any type of events aside from weddings, whether it’s birthdays or baby showers.

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