BruPlay to launch online games store

by Haadi Bakar
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BruPlay is setting up an online store in hopes to remedy the dwindling video game retail shops situation in Brunei.

The group of avid gamers is launching this new initiative in the coming weeks as it marks its 12 years of actively supporting the growth of the local gaming community.

Upon its launch, gamers will be able to purchase PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch titles through the new BruPlay site, and that the BruPlay team will deliver those games to the customers’ doorsteps within 24 hours.

BruPlay co-founder Roger Rosli said the site should provide an alternative for Bruneians who wish to buy games without having to go to a videogame shop.

Roger said the decision to set up an online store was in response to the winding down of physical game stores in the country. Last month, one of Brunei’s oldest game retailers pulled down its shutters after suffering from years of lacklustre sales, and in the last 10 years, a number of stores have shifted from selling videogames to mobile phones.

According to Roger, the 20 per cent videogame tax imposed last year could have severely affected the retailers.

“We felt the pinch too as we began bringing in stock for our online store,” said the 31-year-old gamer.

“However, we assure gamers that the prices for the games remain competitive,” he added.

Roger said despite the changing retail landscape, the gaming community remains strong especially with the rise in popularity of online competitive games.

“We feel it is our duty to ensure that gamers in Brunei have access to games,'” said Roger, adding that local gamers are also more likely to purchase the pricier collector’s edition of their favourite games which are often sold in limited quantities at regular stores.

BruPlay is also hosting launch events for triple-A titles to help drive customers to its online store. “It’s a great way to create hype and also encourages gamers to meet other gamers,” said Roger.

Yesterday, BruPlay organised a launch event for PS4’s God of War at Starbucks Beribi. The group sold 40 units of God of War at the event, and is now taking orders of the highly acclaimed PS4 exclusive for its customers who’ve missed out on the launch units.

“This is how we want to do things differently,” Roger said, adding that BruPlay will continue to host launch events for future games such as the upcoming Spider-Man for the PS4.

The God of War launch event yesterday coincided with BruPlay’s 12th year anniversary.┬áBruPlay was formed on April 20, 2006, and has been involved with several major gaming events including the Brunei CyberGames with social news blogger RanoAdidas.

Moving forward, Roger said that BruPlay is eyeing more collaboration with other gaming event organisers to help spur the local gaming scene.


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