Your Geekturf guide to Infinity War (Part 1)

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The countdown has begun. Less than a week away from one of the biggest movies of the decade and probably the most anticipated comic book feature the world will ever see – Avengers Infinity War!

Infinity War marks the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s (MCU) 10 year venture since Iron Man back in 2008 and to finally see the fruits of their labour come to full circle, makes this fanboy one happy camper.

Now, I’m sure everyone’s just as excited about this as I am (actually no, I’m more excited than you really) so what better way to get it out of our system than to run by a few speculations and expectations that this movie has going on for itself. There is just so much on the table now that you’ve got to pick up at least one piece of the pie to actually enjoy this grand presentation.

So here’s a quick rundown of some things I think you’ll need to know before you walk into that dark theatre in prep you for Infinity War. Now, I know plenty of you already know this stuff but it doesn’t hurt to help some of the more casual viewers out there with a little buffer to get them as excited as we are about the Mad Titan.

Thanos himself

Thanos is a deviant born on Saturn’s moon of Titan. In the comics, he’s a character that has suffered many griefs and tragedies in his youth which has lead to this ruthless, death obsessed villain who threatens the very existence of the Marvel Universe itself.

What the MCU version of Thanos share is his love for the embodiment of Death, a mistress who he constantly tries to impress through insane amount of efforts. In the comics, he killed half the universe with the completed Infinity Gauntlet with a snap of his fingers (also hinted in the recent Infinity War Trailer).

There’s not much to kill yet in the MCU but do expect references to that by all us fanboys.

His conquest for the Infinity Gems (sorry, I can’t call them ‘stones’, it’s a fanboy thing) will be the obvious story route we’ll see but I expect a few jabs at the father-daughter relationship with Gamora to make an impact here as well. I hope not so much that it weakens the Mad Titan’s character but to see the strife between them with the addition of Nebula will make a great plot!

The Infinity Gauntlet

You know about the Infinity Gems – Mind, Space, Time, Reality, Power and Soul, as we’ve seen in past movies except for the last one, already but that is only a fraction of what they were meant for.

When combined with the gauntlet, the welder basically achieves Godhood as they control every element of the universe! Control the minds of others, jump through space, travel back and forth through time, warp reality as you see fit, dominate others with power and even resurrect the dead with soul. The potential is near limitless! So to actually see this in a movie would be amazing and not to mention a powerful storytelling tool in the right hands (more about this later).

In the trailer, we know he easily acquires Power and Space in his early endeavours so expect some mad skills from him as soon as he appears.

The Black Order

If you read comic books, you’d know that these guys are relatively new to the Marvel canvas, introduced during Jonathan Hickman’s Infinity arc in 2013 which saw the return of Thanos to earth with company.

Corvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight, Cull Obsidian (also known as the Black Dwarf), and the Ebony Maw will be familiar names to some and might even be commonly known in the years to come but for now, let’s just say that these guys are the heralds to Thanos – much like the Silver Surfer is to Galactus (you’re gonna have to read a comic or wiki page if you didn’t get that reference.)

These guys are a force to be reckoned with and though Thanos, by right, doesn’t even need their protection because he can handle his own. But they add an interesting dynamic to the story where our heroes will be severely tested against their might but ultimately proving that they really are no match for the Mad Titan. We’ve only seen bits of The Black Order in the trailers, who have been cleverly hidden by the way, but personally seeing The Ebony Maw drove me through the roof!

Each of them have special characteristics which I’ll quickly run through. Corvus Glaive is the head honcho, an exceptional warrior who is no doubt a killer with a glaive who took on the ENTIRE X-Men line up in the comics all by himself. He is near immortal, meaning that you can’t kill him and the only way you can try is by destroying his glaive. Otherwise, he’ll just keep coming back.

Proxima Midnight is his wife, just as ruthless and skilled but with a weapon that could literally cut through ANYTHING. No amount of vibranium could stand against it and if they’re going with the comic ties, her staff could even force the Hulk to go back into puny Banner.

Cull Obsidian is the powerhouse of the team, simply brute force. You can expect him to lead the battle into Wakanda just like he did in the comics and if you already read Infinity, you’d know that T’Challa is more than capable of beating this foe.

And finally, The Ebony Maw – no powers and no fighting prowess, just his wit of overpowering and manipulating his opponents. That sounds pretty weak but imagine him take over the Sorcerer Supreme himself, the power of the mystic arts at his side and no way of fighting back? You might as well through in the towel for that kind of fight.

One missing from the roster in the movie is Supergiant who appeared in the comic as the team’s unstable omnipath and telepath who basically devours the intellect of others. She might be a hidden pawn but we’ll have to wait until April 27 to find out!

Why are they attacking Wakanda?

We all loved Black Panther, without a doubt, so we gotta expect Thanos to want some love as well. In the comics, Thanos sends Black Dwarf (Cull Obsidian) to conquer Wakanda in Hickman’s Infinity. He gets a good beating from King T’Challa and sends him packing his bags but in the MCU, our Wakandan hero does lack the experience and skill compared to his comic counterpart so I doubt we can expect the same result (prior to that, Wakanda was also overrun by Atlanteans thanks to Namor but best you read the comics for more about that).

We also have a whole ensemble of heroes to back the King up in the MCU so it’ll be a short show if it’s 10:1 and still see a defeat of the bad guys – especially since we were promised more evil getting the upper hands this time.

Oh, and the army that’s attacking? Those are Outriders, an alien race breed to serve their masters until they die.

Think, more threatening Chitauri but with the power of invisibility and just as mindless.

Beard Cap and Secret friends!

Definitely the talk of the town. Captain America is no longer the Sentinel of Liberty and he’s got a beard to show for it! His arc derives from two comic book moments I can think of;

One: When Steve first left the mantle, he rebranded himself as The Nomad. Not impressive in name of looks but at the time, the comics were tackling Steve’s delusion of the American government ideals and chose to drop the shield to serve his country – much like the name entails. He still needed to be a hero though so his short run in dark blue tights and a cape were enough to keep fans scorned at the time.

A while back, the Russo Brothers released an image confirming Steve Rogers to be the Nomad in Infinity War. And with that throwaway line by T’Challa about him needing a shield, don’t expect anything less than something epic when it happens! (No, I’m not talking about those weak looking Wakandan shields. Look forward to this in my speculation article next week!)


Two: Steve did pass the Cap mantle over to Bucky in his absence in the comics (After Civil War, best time to be reading Marvel to be honest!) and though he wasn’t around at the time (spoilers!), he did come back but instead of taking the shield back, Steve stayed Steve and just went as the Super Soldier. He had his own team called the Secret Avengers and seeing him rock a unmasked simple suited costume with an energy shield (ahem) with a strike force line up was just too bad ass.

How did Banner reach earth but not Thor?

In the trailer, we briefly see Banner lying in rubble with Dr. Strange and Wong looking over him at what looks to be the Sanctum Sanctorum. This is reminiscent to a scene in the comics.

In Infinity Gauntlet #1, the Silver Surfer, famous from his appearance in Fantastic Four, comes crashing through the Sanctum with a warning of Thanos’ power. Not much of a spoiler but I expect a similar scene to happen with the Hulk instead of the Surfer after we were already teased in Thor Ragnarok’s post credits scene. You can piece the scene together yourselves but I’ll save my thoughts on that for the next piece.

So that’s a LONG brief of what you can expect for Avengers Infinity War and a bit of extra knowledge to debate with against your fanboy/girl friends. I’ll be back again with another piece with more spoiler-ish speculations as we near the film so if you’re not into that, please avoid it like the plague!

Until then, drop us a comment or questions you might have for the movie so we could help answer them to the best of our might. Tell us what YOU think and expect from this movie!


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