More DJs wanted at Brunei’s first internet radio

by Haadi Bakar
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Progresif Radio wants more DJs in its studio, so it’s hosting another audition tomorrow.

The second round of auditions will focus on not only finding new radio voices but also inviting participants to bring their show ideas for a live broadcast or for the internet radio’s On-Demand programming lineup.

The audition will be streamed live on air so listeners can tune into the Progresif Radio app (downloadable from Apple App Store or Google Play Store) to hear the aspiring DJs try out their vocal skills.

Progresif’s Chief Marketing Officer Devin Edwards said the second audition presents an opportunity to bring fresh radio talent and help existing and aspiring content producers to get access to Progresif Radio as a platform to distribute and promote their content.

“We built Progresif Radio as part of our support for the arts and cultural development in Brunei and for content producers to have a better opportunity to promote and generate revenue from their talent,” said Edwards.

Since its launch in November, Brunei’s first internet radio has continued to grow with Progresif reporting more than 15,000 downloads and over 200,000 listening sessions per month. The Progresif Radio programming content has also grown to include a large library of On Demand content.

“Since launch, we have recorded more than 20 bands and musicians, and produced two studio albums with our third in process. We have also developed shows to promote comedy, film reviews, educational programmes, and much more,” he added.

To take part, individuals need to be at least 18 years old, be a Yellow or Red IC holder and can speak English fluently. Malay-speaking DJs are welcome, but they must also be able to converse well in English.

Registration opens at 8am. Participants are advised to come early to secure their audition slots before they run out.

The audition will take place at Progresif’s headquarters in Gadong.

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