Fostering entrepreneurial mindset in engineers

by Haadi Bakar
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In addition to technical knowledge and skills, it’s also equally important for engineering graduates to have an entrepreneurial mindset if they wish to be leaders in today’s rapidly changing environment.

This was the core objective of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Module recently undertaken by the Systems Engineering students at the Universiti Brunei Darussalam’s (UBD) Faculty of Integrated Technologies (FIT).

Participants of this module took part in an intense week-long entrepreneurship bootcamp facilitated by Peter Koen, an American professor at the Stevens Institute of Technology (SIT).

Divided into seven teams, these students were tasked in developing business models for their inventions. Among the projects presented during the final day of the module at the faculty yesterday were a collapsable hiking stick, a belt strap, a delivery app and a magnetic cable management accessory, among others.

Team Sloopzy delivers a presentation on its project, ParcelGo.

At the end of each presentation, lecturers from the faculty and SIT gave their remarks to the participating students. They also voted for the best team, with Team Easy emerging at the top after having wowed the audience with their business model Eske, an ultraportable power socket adapter.

Although UBD has a faculty specifically for business studies, this infusing of entrepreneurial mindset approach for students in other disciplines is an initiative by UBD to empower future-ready leaders.

“Entrepreneurial thinking is an important skill for engineers today,” said Koen, who is a Director and Consortium for Corporate entrepreneurship at SIT’s School of Business.

Using the Problem/Solution Fit canvas applied in entrepreneurship, Koen said the module teaches the engineering students how to solve everyday problems with solutions that can satisfy a sizeable market.

Peter Coen (R) speaking to attendees at the final day of the module at the Faculty of Integrated Science, UBD.

Established in 2013, the Faculty of Integrated Technologies offers Bachelor Degree courses in Systems Engineering and Chemical & Process engineering, both developed in collaboration with SIT in the US and Zhejiang University in China respectively.

The faculty seeks to deliver quality, design-centric, broad-based engineering programmes based around UBD’s GenNext educational structure. It aims to produce highly-trained and well-educated professional engineers with skills in engineering science, technology and management that will enable them to establish their professional careers in the multi-disciplinary field of engineering.

The Faculty of Integrated Technologies in UBD.

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