Meercast puts spotlight on Brunei gamers

by Haadi Bakar
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The last couple of years have seen a resurgence in competitive gaming in Brunei. More people are building their PCs, local tournaments are on the rise, cybercafes are making a comeback, and more recently an elite CSGO team emerged as champion at a regional league.

This timing couldn’t be better for Meercast Gaming, a team of local gaming livestreamers, to revitalise itself at the start of 2018 after a two-year hiatus.

On New Years Day, the team uploaded a “relaunch” video online announcing Meercast Gaming’s glorious revival. The video highlighted the fresh new coat of paint on its logo as well as a montage of livestreamed gaming sessions it had recently hosted, signalling the team’s bold new direction for 2018 and beyond.

Back in the game

Amir Noor, the founder of Meercast Gaming, said that the project is primarily dedicated at bringing the spotlight to the local players.

Everyone’s talking about eSports now because of all these events and tournaments happening here and there but there still is no focus on what’s next for the gaming community. We want to change that by giving it a face, not ours, but the players that make up this community in the first place,” said Amir.

Meercast Gaming specialises in content creation; gameplay videos, event commentaries and livestreams for today’s hot game titles such as Overwatch, Playerunkown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), Street Fighter and Tekken, to name a few.

Amir said this not only gives proper recognition of the players involved in the community but also provides the entertainment element of the genre everyone now associates as eSports.

“We believe that having these elements truly changes how people view gaming from the stigma of an antisocial norm and transcends to the true interactive competitive sport that it has become. Not a lot of Bruneians understand this yet but we believe that we can start to make that change happen slowly this year,” he added.

From personal venture to community

Amir started Meercast as a personal venture in 2015 when fighting games were all the rage in Brunei and in the region. Prior to that, he said, it was known as Counter Attack, which focused heavily on fighting games and the community.

“At that time, you could find Bruneians playing Street Fighter, Tekken and Marvel Vs Capcom, and that even took them as far as Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore to compete.”

Amir (2nd L) at the Southeast Asian Majors Tournament in Singapore in 2013.

In 2013, Counter Attack represented Brunei in the Southeast Asian Majors Tournament in Singapore, which allowed Amir and his team back then to network with players in the region as well as meet the top players of the world like Mike Ross, Justin Wong, Tokido, and Singapore’s very own EVO Champion, Xian.

“Eventually, people wanted me to be more involved with the community,” Amir said when asked why he’s reviving Meercast.

Our focus will always be for the players

Following its relaunch and rebranding, Meercast seeks to improve the ever expanding gaming community in Brunei by giving it a personality and charm through its own people.

“We aim to inspire, not to be the only ones doing this. You can say that we are running a business where we could monetise our services but if that were the goal, we wouldn’t be getting anywhere. We deliver where we are needed but as most progress is made, resources are needed so we want to keep a balance of that as we go through the motions,” said Amir.

“We want to move away from being just another tournament to a much more satisfying experience for our local players which will hopefully spark the competitive hunger in them for more.”

Throughout 2018, the team is looking to host some events and collaborate with some bigger names in gaming. “We want to move away from being just another tournament to a much more satisfying experience for our local players which will hopefully spark the competitive hunger in them for more.”

UNIKATS, an all-female CSGO team, during a match at a recent gaming tournament in Brunei.

“At the same time, we hope to meet the right people who want to go further in their passion for gaming so that maybe we can help put them on the right track through our channels – giving them the exposure they deserve and putting our country on the map,” said the 30-year-old.

Catch Meercast Gaming’s activities on Twitch and Youtube. For updates and announcements, follow Meercast Gaming on Facebook and Instagram.

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