DST debuts iPhone X contract plans

by Haadi Bakar
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Apple fans in Brunei who have been waiting for an iPhone X can now get their hands on Apple’s latest flagship at DST.

The telco yesterday morning exclusively launched its iPhone X Contract Plans at its Airport Mall branch to nearly a hundred eager iPhone X buyers that had lined up at the store prior to its opening.

During the launch, DST gave its first 50 customers in the queue DST vouchers worth B$100 together with iTunes gift cards worth US$15, as well as special access to the iPhone X Launch Lounge.

Welcoming the customers at the store was DST’s CEO Suhaimi Hussain.

DST’s iPhone X postpaid bundles offers various monthly subscriptions and upfront payments. For example, an Apple iPhone X 64GB with a B$938 upfront payment is bundled with an B$85 monthly subscription for 24 months and customers will receive 9GB local data.

Customers can also opt to purchase Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone without a contract. DST is Apple’s certified carrier in Brunei.

For more information on DST’s iPhone bundle plans, visit iphone.dst.com.bn

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