Firefox to get Quantum update

by Rafie Ismail
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Mozilla has launched the beta and developer versions of Firefox Quantum, the next edition of the Firefox web browser featuring a new engine that’s built for speed.

Quantum, also known as Firefox 57, is a serious improvement from the previous version (Firefox 52) as it makes the most out of multi-core processors found on modern PC and mobile hardware.

Firefox Quantum also prioritises the tab you’re currently using – it downloads and runs before the other tabs not in use, cutting RAM usage by around 30 per cent.

The company has released a video that pits Firefox Quantum against Google Chrome running various popular websites. From the looks of it, Quantum is seriously giving Chrome a run for its money:

I have tested both Chrome and Firefox Quantum using a free online browser speed test. The results clearly shows that Firefox Quantum beats Chrome on calculation, storing and rendering areas with an overall score of 743.47.

Google Chrome speed test result


Mozilla Firefox Quantum speed test result

If you’re a heavy Firefox user, you’ll be upgraded to Quantum automatically on November 14. You can download the beta for desktop, Android and iOS.

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