Bruneian e-athletes crowned champions at regional tourney

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It’s not everyday you hear a team of Bruneian gamers winning a regional tournament, not unless you’re Goodfellas Gaming that is (maybe you do but everyone else probably hasn’t).

Last Tuesday, Goodfellas were crowned champions of the Borneo E-Arena Tournament 2017 after winning the Grand Finals in Counter Strike: Global Offense (CSGO) against Malaysia’s team, Fallout and Sarawak’s Thunderboltz in the grand finals.

If you haven’t heard of them before, Goodfellas are one of the more competitive gaming teams in Brunei’s gaming scene. From locals to regionals competitions, their team has taken the next big step in challenging their limits by reaching new frontiers as professional gamers or better yet, ‘e-athletes’.

Being together for four to five years, the team has established a chemistry that has earned their status as being one of the best and their determination in achieving bigger goals sets a high bar for others to follow but great enough to inspire other Bruneian gamers to be better.

Don’t think that these guys are sponsored either. Hawaii Yee, the manager for Team Goodfellas, mentioned that their ventures come at the cost of their own finances which puts losing out of the question. Their motivation drives from their passion to win and that’s showing you how far you can get when you put your mind to something.

“I believe Brunei’s CSGO teams’ level of game play are not far apart from other teams in Borneo. With more training (sessions) and analysis’ of their pro teams’ gameplay, they can further improve and prove that Brunei’s CS GO teams are a force to be reckoned with,” said Hawaii.


“Of course, hard work must be put in before the results can be seen. For other games it would be the same, training continuously without addressing the problems will not yield any progressive result.

“But hopefully, teams from other games can compete with the regional teams as well in the future,” Hawaii added. 

Wise words coming from a team that has just taken their first step into a much larger world and surely, their moment will come where they carry the Brunei flag for the entire e-Sports world to see.

Looking back at gaming tournaments happening in Brunei, the real question to ask here is where does it actually lead our players? Are they playing to really measure or gauge their skill level or are they only attractive to the money?

It’s these kind of questions we need to ask ourselves as gamers and what we need to do in order for others, the high authorities and the rest of the gaming world, to take us seriously.

I asked Hawaii one last question about that and his answer was, “In my opinion, the local tournament scene is mostly stagnant, no consistent tournaments or leagues have been organised to motivate local teams to push themselves (further).”

Whether you’re joining the tournament for your own measurement of skill or simply want that fight money is your own purgative but there definitely needs to be a bigger outlook for Brunei gamers to have in order for our talents to be recognised.

Some other worthy mentions under Goodfellas’ early list of achievements are their championship of Cybertime’s Major League for CSGO in which they faced some of Brunei’s top teams, winning the Miri CSGO Championship in December 2016 where they even faced fellow Bruneians Fragcats in the finals, and even qualifying in the Selangor Cyber Games hosted in Kuala Lumpur back in 2015 – losing to MVP Karnal, one of the strongest teams in South East Asia at the time by only two points.

Be sure to give Goodfellas a follow on their social media accounts to lend your support and hopes that their success will carry Brunei to the main stage one day in the eSports scene!

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