Canon’s new mirrorless camera is aimed at smartphoneographers

by Haadi Bakar
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For most people, the smartphone is good enough for everyday photography. Smartphone cameras are getting better and better each year, and so for non-professionals, there’s really no need to buy another camera.

The only reason for regular folks to get a standalone camera right now is if they need interchangeable lenses. While a lot of premium phones come with dual lens camera systems, they’re still inferior to a mirrorless or dSLR’s ability to swap lenses.

But not everyone wants to carry bulky cameras around their necks anymore these days. Even a lot of new mirrorless cameras, despite being smaller than a dSLR, are still chunkier in comparison to our slender, pocketable smartphone.

Realistically speaking, there’s no way those cameras could ever slim down with those protruding lenses, and once you start investing on telephoto lenses, you’ll only increase their size.

That narrows down our search for the most portable interchangeable lens cameras on the market we could find, but even cameras in this sub-category are quite scarce as camera companies are beefing up their mirrorless cameras to compete with dSLRs.

Thankfully, Canon is hoping to fill that void with its new entry-level EOS M100.

Launched today, the M100 is Canon’s smallest mirrorless compact camera in its M series lineup. In fact, it’s a lot slimmer and lighter than the company’s mid-range M10 and M6.

The M100 uses a 24.2-megapixel APS-C sensor and Canon’s DIGIC 7 image processor, which gives it burst capabilities at about 6.1 frames per second. The camera also uses Canon’s Dual Pixel autofocus system for fast focusing, as well as 25,600 maximum ISO (without expansion) for low light shooting.

In addition, the M100 has the ability to shoot Full-HD 1080p video at up to 60 frames per second. There’s also Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth connectivity for easy pairing with the smartphone and PC.

Getting into the Canon M series also means access to the company’s EF-M lenses and, with an optional adapter, Canon’s catalogue of EF and EF-S lenses.

For now, there are only seven EF-M lenses available from Canon, covering macro to telephoto. The M100 comes bundled with the EF-M 15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM lens.

There’s no viewfinder on the M100, however, so users will have to make do with the 3-inch swivelling LCD touchscreen. At least you can take selfies with it (by flipping the screen upwards).

The M100 is strictly designed for those who are new to mirrorless cameras or just taking their photography to the next level after years of weilding their smartphones, so enthusiasts and semi-pros might want to look elsewhere.

It’s also the most affordable mirrorless camera from Canon. At US$599 with the included EF-M 15-45mm lens, it’s the perfect starter camera for the avid smartphoneographer. For roughly the same amount, you could get a decent entry-level dSLR from Canon, but why would you?

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