My Mobile Check-in experience with Royal Brunei

by Goh De No
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I travel quite often for work, even dating back to my first job with The Brunei Times, we were always on the go. Not literally every month, in my case now, but a few times a year.

Even way back then, mobile boarding passes or digital ones were already available, but you would still need to get a physical copy at the counter.

Now, fast forward five years later, even some airlines require you to get your mobile boarding pass verified at the counter, and some airlines go to the extent of reprinting you a physical copy even though you’ve got a mobile one that says “Mobile Boarding Pass”.

Not all fault goes to the airlines though. Some airports simply do not accept Mobile Boarding Passes for security reasons. You know, phones can easily Photoshop a picture now without much difficulty.

Earlier this year, Royal Brunei launched its version of mobile boarding passes and I of course was skeptical.

Would immigration accept them? Would I need to screenshot that mobile boarding pass and head to the counter to get the exact same thing reprinted on paper?

For the record, I’m crazy about saving paper. I hate printing, and I despise it when work requires printin that I’m often finding ways to bypass it. No matter where I work, I always have a stack of recycled paper with words on one side and plain on the other on my desk ready to be re-used.

So not needing to print a physical boarding pass, I’m all for it, and if it happens I would be really happy about it.

Last week on my monthly work trip, I decided to go with Royal Brunei’s mobile boarding pass for the first time since they announced it.

Although I took the opportunity to arrive at the very last minute, you should definitely be at the boarding gate 60 minutes before scheduled departure.

I checked in 48 hours before my flight and it read to check that I could use it to get pass immigration all the way to my flight in the aircraft. I called the Royal Brunei office to ensure this as well because aside having a hatred for printing, I hate waiting at airports, it’s like waiting for paint to dry before taking off.

My flight was at 9.30pm on a Wednesday. I arrived the airport at 8.45pm with no luggage, walked right up the security and by 9.15 was already sitting in the Royal Brunei aircraft all without speaking to a counter staff and waiting for my check-in process and physical printing of the boarding pass.

Of course if you had check-in luggage, you would still need to approach the counter staff, so the mobile boarding pass works exceptionally well when you have nothing but carry-on luggage.

Don’t forget to give Mobile Boarding Pass a shot the next time you’re flying on Royal Brunei. It cuts down your queue time, and you save some trees in the process!

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