Find freelance gigs in Brunei with Sribuza

by Haadi Bakar
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If you’re a freelancer looking for a job or a startup looking to outsource some work, Sribuza is a website worth checking out.

Developed by a team of local startup entrepeneurs, is an online marketplace where Bruneians can buy or sell services. Freelancers can post their skills and their rates and the site connects them with companies or individuals in need of those services.

Currently the site has more than 20 types of services on offer, including commercial photography, architectural design, website development, logo design, voiceovers, social media management, translation services and copywriting, to name a few.

Jobs are available from as low as B$10 for a copywriting gig to as high as B$999 for web development.

“If you’re good at something, like design a logo or compose music, then Sribuza is a place that can help you find clients or projects,” said Sribuza co-founder Ak Akmal Fakhri Pg Hj Kamaludin.

“Or if you are a startup that can’t afford to employ permanent staff yet, you could outsource the work to a freelancer through our website,” added the 28-year-old entrepreneur.

Speaking with Geekturf, Ak Akmal said that he and his two brothers built Sribuza with the intent of helping Brunei SMEs grow “by connecting them with the people that can assist in the growth of their businesses”.

He also said that the site aims to address unemployment in the country by opening up new avenues for Bruneians to earn money.

Ak Akmal (R) and his brother Ak Fuad (L) browsing through the Sribuza website. Picture courtesy of

The website has a very simplistic design for buyers to easily navigate through and find services, and for sellers to post their offers.

Sribuza doesn’t charge freelancers for registration or listing fees, said Ak Akmal. “We only get commission from each successful transaction.”

At the moment, payments are made by online transfer to Sribuza’s account, and that the company will release the payments to the freelancer once the jobs are completed.

Ak Akmal said that a dedicated online payment gateway system for Sribuza is also in the works.

In order to drive more freelancers to its platform, Sribuza is temporarily exempting commission cuts this quarter.

According to Ak Akmal, the site now has over 200 registered members since its inception seven months ago.

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