New fashion headphones by Beats and Balmain

by Haadi Bakar
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These days, putting on a pair headphones is no longer just for getting quality sound to your ears or for private listening.

These audio accessories have now become fashion statements, and most people who bought one care less about how they sound as long as they look exquisite.

And just when you think that this is all just a fad, Beats by Dre has introduced a new collection of wireless fashion headphones with French design house Balmain, with Kylie Jenner enlisted as the brand ambassador for this collection.

The new collection includes a Beats Studio over-ear headset and a Beats Powerbeats 3 earbuds with gold accents, and they come in two colours. “Safari” has a rose gold tint while “Khaki” has a more greenish brown hue.

These headphones also come with suede carrying cases complete with Balmain logos and zippers.

These fashion headphones are mainly targetted at fashionistas.¬†The “Khaki” costs US$249.95 while the “Safari” costs US$599.95. Both cost slightly more than the regular versions.

The collection is currently being marketed by Apple (which owns the Beats brand) and Balmain with Kylie Jenner appearing in their ads wearing the headphones.

Balmain is known for having high profile celebrities like the Kardashians and the Jenners endorsing their fashion line.

And if anyone wants to get their hands on these limited edition headphones, they’re only available directly from either Apple or Balmain.

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