Smart wallet charges your phone, tracks itself when you lose it

by Haadi Bakar
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Now here’s something that would make a perfect gift for that friend who keeps misplacing his wallet.

The Volterman is a smart wallet with useful, life-saving functions, yet it looks like any ordinary wallet.

Firstly, this wallet has a distance alarm system, so when you pair it with your phone via Bluetooth, your phone will notify you the moment it breaks distrance with the Volterman.

A second feature is a global GPS tracker that can help you track the wallet’s location in real-time if you do lose it.

And when someone steals your Volterman wallet, there’s a tiny built-in camera that takes a picture of the thief when he opens the wallet, and that photo is then sent to your phone.

The Volterman also has a built-in power bank, and if your phone supports wireless charging, the wallet doubles as a charging mat which you can place your phone on to charge.

And if you need internet where there is no coverage, the Volterman can be used as a WiFi hotspot. The wallet provides internet roaming service that’s cheaper than standard roaming.

The Volterman comes in three styles; a card holder, a bifold wallet and a travel wallet. Each has varying power bank capacity, the largest (travel) carrying a 5,000mAh pack (travel).

This smart wallet is a crowd-funded project at Indiegogo. Last month, the Armenian-based startup has raised more than $67,000 in a day.

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