WhatsApp now lets you share any files

by Haadi Bakar
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The latest update on the world’s most popular mobile messaging app is a huge deal, it could very well replace email!

With this new update, WhatsApp now lets users share all types of files and documents up to 100MB. Previously you could only share photos, videos, contacts and to an extent PDF files. Now you can send Word, Excel and Powerpoint files, MP3s and Android APK installers to your friends.

This feature also works on the web-based client.

In addition, WhatsApp also addressed one major issue I had with the app over the years: sending or receiving compressed images and videos.

For a while now, if I wanted a high quality, uncompressed file, I’d ask the sender to email to me instead.

This new update now lets users send photos or videos in their uncompressed state. This means photos sent over WhatsApp won’t degrade in quality like how it used to be, and videos in HD will remain HD when you share them to your friends.

WhatsApp also fixes its clunky photo sharing system with this new update. Now users can send multiple pictures as an album, and you can slide through multiple photos (sent to you) on screen at once. No more tapping individual photos to view them.

Another new feature is improved text-formatting. Instead of formatting an entire group of text, you can now select individual words to add bold, italicised or strikethrough.

WhatsApp is rolling out the update for iOS and Android now.

The Facebook-owned messaging app is increasingly adding new features to make its platform more useful in recent times. Currently, it is developing a peer-to-peer payment feature for users in India.

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