An oversized helmet designed to keep you focused at work

by Haadi Bakar
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Your office is noisy and you put on a pair of noise-cancelling headphones to block out the world. But sometimes they’re not enough to help you hide from everything.

Perhaps you might want to put on a Helmfon. This headgear, which looks like an oversized motorcycle helmet, should give you the ultimate privacy in an open office environment so you can focus on your work better or just take a break from the hustle and bustle of the workplace.

Developed by Ukranian design company Hochu Rayu, the Helmfon uses noise reduction materials like glass fiber on the outside of the helmet and foamed polyethylene on the inside.

Putting this on, you won’t be able to hear your chatty co-workers next to you, and you won’t get distracted by what’s going on in your surroundings as your head is sealed by the Helmfon.

The Helmfon also features a microphone, speakers, magnifier, accumulator and a system board inside. There’s even a special compartment to hold your smartphone.

The idea here is that you can watch videos or make skype calls with your head inside the Helmfon. It’s actually a space saving solution; you don’t need to set up a room and equipment to do online communication.

But we all can agree that the Helmfon does look goofy when someone puts it on. If privacy is your utmost priority at the expense of looking like Lord Dark Helmet from Star Wars spoof Spaceballs, then this product is probably worth buying.

The Helmfon is still a prototype. The company behind this project is hoping to get them out for product testing. It will come in a variety of customisable designs, including one that looks like a Minion from Despicable Me.

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