Halide turns your iPhone into an advanced point and shoot

by Haadi Bakar
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The best camera is the one that’s always with you. In most cases, that would be your smartphone.

This is what I usually tell most people whenever they come to me and ask, “what camera should I get?” Really, if you’d have to ask, you probably don’t need one.

Chances are if you own a flagship smartphone like an iPhone 7, you already have a solid camera that can take amazing looking shots, if you take the time and learn the basics of photography (light, composition, etc).

You can also download advanced camera apps to help take your mobile photography game further. Halide is just one of the best ones out there right now.

Halide is a gesture-based iPhone camera app designed to give users more creative control when taking pictures with their phone. Basically, the app turns the iPhone into an advanced point and shoot camera.

Through an intuitive gesture-based user interface, this camera app lets you manually control the essentials such as focus, exposure, ISO and white balance. It also has focus peaking, live histogram, grid overlay with built-in level and lets you capture RAW.

This app does one thing only: photography. It doesn’t do video, panorama or time lapse (there’s the default camera app for all that). It’s more focused on getting you to slow down and think more when taking photos with your phone, just like you would on a real camera.

Yet it’s easy to use even for beginners in photography, unlike the existing advanced camera apps out there like Camera+ and ProCam which have a higher learning curve.

Halide is designed by a former Apple designer and a former Twitter developer who were inspired by the advancements in mobile camera technology over the years.

The app is available on the iOS App Store for US$4.99. I would certainly recommend it for those who want to take photography seriously on their iPhones. It’d┬ámake you forget you even need expensive camera gear in the first place.

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