The Note 7 is coming back

by Haadi Bakar
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If it wasn’t for the faulty battery that led to the global recall, the Galaxy Note 7 would’ve been the best smartphone from last year. It had everything good, from the beautiful edge-to-edge display to a perfected S Pen experience.

And people who have bought the Note 7 actually loved it. There are even reports of Note 7 owners who refused to return their phones to Samsung!

It goes to show that there are still fans of the Note 7 despite the controversy surrounding Samsung’s flagship phablet, and a re-release (with a non-faulty battery) would surely please them.

Thankfully, Samsung is doing just that by announcing a refurbished Note 7 which the company will be launching later this week for select markets. It will begin selling in South Korea on July 7 for 699,600 Won (B$842).

The refurbished Note 7 Fan Edition, or FE for short, will use a different battery that is slightly smaller than the last one, at 3,200 mAh, to prevent the same fiery incident from ever happening. Samsung said this new battery has undergone a rigorous 8-point safety test at its factory.

Samsung is also including its personal digital assistant Bixby into the refurbished phablet.

Apart from that, the internal specs of the FE are mostly the same as in the original Note 7:

  • Snapdragon 821 processor
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 64GB of storage
  •  Android Nougat
  • 5.7-inch AMOLED display
  • 12MP rear camera
  • iris scanner
  • IP68 water resistance
  • USB-C
  • wireless charging
  • S-Pen

According to Samsung, selling refurbished Note 7 handsets is also a way to help the South Korean company soften the financial loss from the global recall. Roughly 3 million Note 7 phones were recalled by Samsung after numerous units caught fire last year.

It’s a smart move for Samsung as the company has made use of resources to repurposing the phone and reselling them for cheap instead of creating huge amounts of e-waste.

But with the Note 8 just around the corner, it’s difficult to see whether the Note 7 FE is going to be an attractive purchase. Would you want last year’s flagship at a discount or wait a few weeks for a new one?

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