Have you tried these other useful features on BIBD Mobile?

by Haadi Bakar
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With Hari Raya Aidil Fitri just around the corner, many of us are now busy making preparations for the upcoming festivities.

But when you’ve got so much on your hands this week, it pays to have a useful mobile app like BIBD Mobile that can assist you in managing your finance with the convenience of a smartphone, whether it’s to transfer money to a family member’s accounts or pay your bills or send eVouchers.

But BIBD Mobile has other neat tricks that can be really helpful during this busy festive season. You might have overlooked these features. Here are just five of them:


With BIBD Mobile, it’s easier to make a charitable contribution especially during this holy time of the year. Through the app, you can donate digitally to several outlets that accepts donations from members of the public for various cause.

The process is similar to paying bills electronically through the app – the funds you donate are transacted from your accounts, whether its your debit, virtual prepaid MasterCard or Hadiah Points.

Donations can be made to the following causes that have signed up for BIBD’s app: the DANA Pengiran Muda Mahkota Al-Muhtadee Billah (DANA) fund, the mosque building fund, care and actions for strays, as well as BIBD’s own Alaf programme.


BIBD has over 50 ATM machines stationed across the country, so it shouldn’t be hard to find one. But if you wish to know where the nearest BIBD ATM machines are in your area, then Location will help show you.

Location opens up a map that pinpoints all the BIBD ATMs and also indicates your current position, so you can track your distance from nearby ATM beacons.

As we are busy making our pre-Hari Raya shopping this week, finding ATM machines with your mobile phone can be really handy, especially since you’ll be moving quite a lot.

You can also use the app to locate vendors that accepts eTunai payments.

ATM Status

Locating an ATM machine is one thing. Finding one that works is another issue. It’s always frustrating to drive to an ATM only to find that the machine isn’t working.

Status helps you find working ATMs so you can save time looking. Just click Status once you locate the ATM machine in Locations, and it will show you colour indicators similar to traffic lights – green indicates that the machine is working, yellow if its running low of cash, and red when it’s out of order.

This feature is extremely useful on pay day or the festive season when cash withdrawals are higher than usual. You might want to avoid ATMs with depleting cash by using Status more often during this period.

Mobile Chat

Now here’s a handy feature if you’re ever in a jam. Mobile Chat gives you the convenience of getting hold of BIBD’s customer service without having to make a phone call.

You can use the Mobile Chat feature on the BIBD Mobile app if you need assistance on anything related to BIBD’s services, whether it’s to report a faulty debit card or enquiries on loan application.

You don’t actually converse with a bot – the other end is a BIBD personnel who promptly responds to your texts 24-7.

I actually like this feature. It saved my life when I lost my debit card in Phuket last December. The BIBD personnel on Mobile Chat guided me through the steps of locking my  debit card, assisted me in setting up a new one and instructed me to collect it when ready in my desired BIBD branch.

Call me an introvert, but I prefer texting than having conversations with a banker or customer service on the phone any day.

Block Debit Card

If you ever lose your debit card or you’ve become a victim of fraud when you were shopping online, you can lock your debit o card simply from the BIBD Mobile app.

The process is quick and simple. There’s really no need to make a phone call.

In the event you lose your card, just tap ‘Block Debit Card’ from the Debit Card section under Account Services, and simply follow the instructions.

You can also unlock your card after you block it should you choose to do so.


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