Lenovo predicts future laptops will have bendable screens

by Haadi Bakar
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Lenovo believes the future of laptop computers aren’t detachable screens and convertibles, but bendable displays.

Assuming that we will all still be using laptops in the distant future, the computer giant showed us a glimpse of how laptops might look and function by then with a concept the company showed off at an event in New York City earlier this week.

Lenovo’s concept design showed future laptops having bendable screens instead of a hinge. With such a flexible screen, the display can occupy more surface vertically, which means more screen real estate even on smaller-sized laptops.

We’ve seen a similar idea before on a tablet concept pitched by Samsung years ago using foldable OLED display technology. In fact, smartphones with curved displays use OLED screens, like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the LG G Flex smartphones. We can assume for now that the “new screen technologies” suggested by Lenovo implies using foldable OLED.

Although the keyboard will still be around, Lenovo also said that future laptops will be heavily controlled by voice, possibly a personal digital assistant similar to Google Assistant or Siri. Instead of a trackpad, however, the concept showed the laptop with a pointing stick used on Lenovo’s ThinkPad laptops.

The company also said that people will use the stylus more on their computers in the future.

Lenovo is really betting high on bendable technology in future electronic devices. Last year, the company unveiled the CPlus, a smartphone concept with a flexible screen that can wrap around the wrist. That phone never made it into production.

We don’t know for certain whether this foldable laptop concept will ever be made.

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