This gaming monitor from Asus is ferociously spec’d

by Haadi Bakar
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It’s massive, curved, and has a ridiculously fast refresh rate. Meet the Asus ROG Swift PG35VQ gaming monitor.

Introduced at Computex in Taipei this week, this 35-inch ultrawide gaming monitor is designed for the most serious of PC gamers with really fat wallets.

With a 21:9 aspect ratio, the ROG Swift PG35VQ is much wider than a typical monitor, and the curved design should give gamers a more immersive feel, especially with that gargantuan 35-inch screen.

The panel is a quantum dot LCD with a retina-scorching 3440×1440 resolution. It also has HDR and G-Sync.

The thin bezels and underglow lighting add a more futuristic touch to the monitor.

But the big draw here is the 200Hz refresh rate at this size, which beats all similarly spec’d gaming displays in the market right now. Acer’s 35-inch curved Predator Z35P gaming monitor could only push 100Hz and overclockable to 120Hz. Also, the previous Swift model it’s replacing was already impressive at 166Hz.

When it comes to gaming monitors, refresh rate and response time are the most crucial for PC gamers, especially those heavy on fast-paced first-person shooter titles. Higher refresh rates help decrease motion blur and screen tearing in games.

Asus has yet to specify the price of the ROG Swift PG35VQ.

Image courtesy of @Asus_ROG

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