Don’t get a new Macbook now, refresh imminent

by Haadi Bakar
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Thinking of getting a shiny new Apple laptop this year? You should hold off getting one at this time.

If the rumours all over the internet are to be believed, new Macbooks could be announced at Apple’s annual World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) in the first week of June.

Sources said that the 12-inch MacBooks and the MacBook Pros could be updated with Intel’s 7th generation processors, codenamed Kaby Lake, which will help bring them up to speed with competing laptops.

With Kaby Lake processors, expect these laptops to be faster and have extended battery life beyond the now-standard 10 hours for most ultrabooks. The current crop of MacBooks are powered by Intel’s Skylake processors, which are considered ‘outdated’ in laptop years.

It just doesn’t make sense for anyone to pay a premium for underpowered MacBooks right now.

The Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro. Image courtesy of Apple.

Aside from the speed improvements, we’re also hoping that the integrated graphics in these new MacBooks would get an upgrade as well, seeing that Apple isn’t looking at bringing back dedicated graphics chips like Nvidia or AMD anytime soon.

The recently announced Surface Pro, for instance, uses the new Iris Plus integrated graphics, which improves graphical performance for gaming and other visual-intensive tasks (dedicated graphics are still far superior though).

Rumours are also suggesting that the old 13-inch MacBook Air will get some form of update. It’s great news for fans of the Air, which still remains the most popular MacBook today, despite having the most outdated hardware in Apple’s MacBook catalogue (at least they didn’t skimp on legacy ports like traditional USB and SD card slots which a lot of people still need).

Apple’s MacBook Air is long in the tooth but is still popular today. Image courtesy of Apple.

It’s a much needed refresh for Apple considering that the current offerings are pretty stale in terms of performance in comparison to Windows laptops.

Last month, LaptopMag dropped Apple at fifth place in the 2017 laptop brand rankings, supplanted by Lenovo, Asus, Dell and HP. The site factored the Macbooks’ lack of traditional ports and average performance not on par with their price for the brand’s fall from grace.

This could have triggered the company to rethink its laptop strategy going forward. Apple recently announced it was looking to revamp its Mac desktop line as well.

Apple has been distancing itself from the pro users of the Mac in recent years, as it’s shifted its focus mainly on the highly profitable iPhone. Before the iPhone era, Apple was the darling of the computer industry, with the Macs being the gold standard for desktop and laptop computers in the last decade.

Apple fans are now hoping that the company could bring back its glory years with its new direction on the Macs in the months ahead.

Apple’s MacBook lineup in its glory years. Image courtesy of Apple.


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