This AI-infused home security camera can recognise people

by Haadi Bakar
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From Siri on your phone to online customer suppport bots, Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly hitting mainstream.

Now there’s AI in security surveillance too, and the Lighthouse is one you can set up as part of your smart home system later this year.

This Wi-Fi home security camera can recognise people and pets entering your home, thanks to its 3D sensing technology and deep learning.

The device needs to be configured manually before it can recognise your household members. If it detects a person, you’ll need to tell the device that it’s your spouse, child, friend and maid. So the next time they enter your home, Lighthouse can recognise them.

If it detects an unknown presence at home, it will alert you via a smartphone app. The camera can also send the feed to your phone for you to watch what’s going on.

You can also search for events within historical footage on the app by simply giving it voice commands, like “who was in the living room this morning?” or “what time did my kids get home yesterday?”.

Lighthouse can also notify you on the app when key event occurs, like when your child comes home from school, and the app will show you the footage as it happens.

The Lighthouse uses an RGB camera that captures Full-HD 1080p videos and has night vision. You can give the device instructions by talking to it, as it comes with a microphone and a speaker. It’s also equipped with a siren.

The Lighthouse is developed by an incubator at Playground Studio, a new startup accelerator backed by Android co-founder Andy Rubin.

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1 comment

HARRY ELLIOT August 1, 2017 - 1:21 pm

I used the included USB cord to connect the camera to my computer for setup. It automatically detected my wireless network. Once the setup was complete, I disconnected the camera from the computer, and placed the camera where I wanted it. The more-expensive Pro camera also can be set up wirelessly using an iPhone.


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