Smule popular in Southeast Asia, raises $54m for expansion

by Haadi Bakar
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I admit, I am a Smule addict. I subscribe to the app and I belt out songs on it with my followers nearly every week. I even bought a microphone to feed my addiction.

That makes me one of the millions of ‘Smulers’ in Southeast Asia that’s active on the social network singing platform.

In fact, Smule is so big in Asia that the San Francisco-based company has raised US$54 million in financing to fuel its growth in this part of the world, according to online reports.

The firm’s biggest investor comes from Chinese company Tencent, which is best known for WeChat.

Tencent has a strong network in Southeast Asia, which is an important market for Smule as 40 per cent of its user base comes from the Southeast Asian region.

Smule currently has 52 million monthly active users.

The mobile app allows users to record songs with others from around the world, and even layer on duets with celebrities such as Jessie J, Ed Sheeran and Indonesian artist Afgan, among others.




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