Life is so much easier when you pay your bills with your phone

by Haadi Bakar
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When my home switched to the prepaid electric metre a couple of years back, I dreaded the thought of frequently topping up our electricity each time our metre is in the red.

Throughout the first year, it felt like a chore. As we’re a household of five, we tend to exceed our electricity usage before reaching the end of the month, so the need to top up is a more frequent affair.

There have been instances where our power was cut in the middle of the night because we ran out of credit, and there were no shops open, so we had to endure the darkness until the next morning before we can get a PowerKad top up.

This is why I upgraded my mobile phone subscription from prepaid to postpaid years ago – I just can’t be bothered with using those prepaid scratch cards.

A year later, I opened up an account at BIBD. That’s when I got to try out the BIBD Mobile app and discovered that I could purchase top-up codes for our home electric metre via Mobile Payment.

The process couldn’t be any simpler. On the app, I just key in my DES metre number, select the amount I wish to purchase, and choose my debit account as my payment method. It only takes a few seconds before the app displays the top-up codes!

Since then, I’ve stopped driving to the nearest convenient store just to purchase PowerKad scratch cards. I’ve been buying DES prepaid top ups on my phone up until today. It’s hard to imagine living without this convenience now.

Mobile Payment has been a real lifesaver. I was able to top up my metre in time before the power got cut late at night whenever our metre is in the red.

Indeed, we are now living in the future. These days we carry less cash in our wallets and a lot of times we use our plastic cards to pay for goods and services.

And now Mobile Payment enables me to pay for everything with my smartphone. It’s faster, easier and you can do it anytime and anywhere as long as you have access to the internet.

With Mobile Payment on BIBD Mobile, purchasing top up for your prepaid electricity is a breeze. You can pay your water and phone bills from the app too.

DES top up is just one of the many conveniences of Mobile Payment on the BIBD Mobile app.

You can also purchase top ups for Easi credit, pay your Prima or Progresif phone bills, Telbru internet and DST Go! broadband, and even your Kristal Astro subscription.

You can also use the app to settle your water bill and your monthly car loan repayment (via BIBD’s At-Tamwil), and if you send your children to Jerudong International School, you can pay the school fee too.

Besides utility bills, you can make donations to a few causes like the Dana Pengiran Muda Mahkota Al-Mutadee Billah (Crown Prince Fund for Orphans) and BIBD Alaf with the convenience of the smartphone app.

For business owners, Mobile Payment also lets you make TAP (Employee Trust Fund) contributions.BIBD Mobile is a free download on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. To pay your bills, simply log in to the app, tap Payment Services / Donations from the main page, and then tap Pay Bill /Make Donation. To purchase top up for prepaid electric or phone credit, select Top Up.

There really is no steep learning curve to do all this. You only need to key in your account number for each bill type at least once, and your next session should be a breeze.

The app links those bills to your personal BIBD account, and you can choose to pay with your debit card, credit card or a vCard (Virtual Prepaid MasterCard). The entire payment process is all done digitally.

With Mobile Payment, you don’t even need to get off your couch and drive all the way to the counter to pay your bills every end of the month. No longer will you have to deal with parking woes and standing in long queues. In a way, you’re also reducing your carbon footprint.

Of course, you can still pay your bills over the counter if that’s what you prefer, but Mobile Payment really comes in handy at times when you have a very busy schedule or if you’re far away from town.

I really can’t think of a good reason why you shouldn’t pay your bills on your phone, especially if you’re a BIBD account holder and own a decent smartphone. The technology is already made available for you, so why not use it and reap the benefits?

In fact, BIBD is currently having a Top Up Tah Lagi promotion, with prizes to be given away to the lucky winners, so there’s no better time to top up and pay your bills via BIBD Mobile than now.

For more information about Mobile Payment and BIBD Mobile, visit

A BIBD branch in Kiulap.

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