First Apple Store in Southeast Asia to open in Singapore: Report

by Haadi Bakar
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Here’s another reason to visit Singapore this year: an Apple Store is set to open in the city state soon.

According to a report from The Straits Times, Apple’s flagship retail store is currently being built at the country’s Orchard Road, but no specific date has been provided by the news outlet other than a possible May opening.

When it’s officially open, it will be the first Apple Store in the Southeast Asian region.

It was reported that the store would “span five storefronts and will occupy four storeys” at Knightsbridge mall at Orchard Road.

Earlier this week, barricades in front of the mall came down to reveal the iconic Apple logo in red, along with a red heart and red dot logo, adorning the store’s facade.

So if you want to get in line for an iPhone 8 on launch day later this year, you’ll know that the nearest Apple Store is going to be just a two-hour flight from here.

Whether you’re an Apple fan or not, an Apple Store is a glorious place to visit.

I’ve visited a number of Apple Stores in the US in the past, and I was really impressed by their distinctive layout and design as well as the staff’s high level of enthusiasm.

My most memorable experience was when I stepped into the cubed Apple Store at Fifth Avenue, New York. The entire store is located underground while the 32-foot glass cube above ground serves as its main entrance.

Me standing at the entrance to the glass cube Apple Store on Fifth Avenue, New York, December 2013.

To date, there are close to 500 Apple Stores in 20 countries.

Store openings and new product launches often attract thousands of customers who line up early in the morning or even a day or two earlier.

The stores are so popular that they’ve become tourist destinations in major cities.

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