DJI has a bigger, badder Ronin

by Haadi Bakar
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DJI has been making several cool new toys lately, from a foldable quadcopter drone to more recently a headset that lets you fly your drone in first person view.

Now they’re at it again with a brand new professional camera stabiliser. No, it’s not another Osmo.

Filmmakers may have heard of the Ronin, DJI’s flagship 3-axis camera stabiliser which first went to market about three years ago.

Last week, the drone tech company announced a better and more powerful Ronin.

This is a highly advanced camera stabiliser that may not match anyone’s budget unless you’re in the movie making business. Expect this product to be very VERY expensive when it comes out sometime in the second quarter of this year.

While its certainly nice to have one, there are of course other, more affordable options for those who are just filming as a hobby and only use a dSLR or mirrorless camera for most of the shoot.

Today’s smartphones are also capable pocket video cameras, and there are stabilisers and gimbals available for smartphones to help you create that cinematic look, all without costing an arm and a leg.

Still, the Ronin 2 is worth checking out in action, especially if you’re into movie making or a film buff and are curious at how the pros use high end stabilisers for big budget film production.

You don’t necessarily have to own one, but it would certainly be great if there’s an opportunity to rent this thing for one of your upcoming film projects.

What separates the Ronin 2 from the first generation Ronin is the larger camera cage and extendable arms which allow filmmakers to mount bigger, high end camera rigs this time (up to 13kgs of payload).

The Ronin 2’s motors are also said to be five times more powerful than its predecessor, and has an additional two-axis mode on top of the existing three axes specially designed for use with Steadicam. Splashproof housing protects these motors.

It runs on dual batteries that are hot swappable (you can swap one battery without having to power down the gimbal).

The Ronin 2 also comes with a touchscreen controller for controlling RED cinematic cameras and adjust gimbal parameters.

Lastly, DJI’s new camera stabiliser can now be put down using its foldaway feet at the bottom instead of using a cradle. The entire frame is made of carbon fibre.

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