Xiaomi Mi 6: Flagship specs sans headphone jack, sweet low price

by Goh De No
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Whilst Xiaomi has been doing an amazing job of playing the “cheaper imitation” role, they haven’t really hit the mark here with the Mi 6 in terms of design and looks.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a device that looks out of this world, and has everyone going goo goo ga ga over just because of how gorgeous it is. While Xiaomi’s Mi Mix had a 6.4 edgeless display which literally meant it had no bezels. Ironically, that gave it an edge.

The Mi 6 doesn’t have that edge (although it has edges on its screen *badumpsst*), because it still looks like any old smartphone.

Xiaomi has been known for its notorious copying and imitation of good-looking smartphones. The company makes a flagship that looks like another, with equal hardware but just one-third the pricing.

Don’t get me wrong, the Mi 6 is not “ugly”, it’s just far too similar to the Mi 5, which was also strikingly beautiful when released last year with that curved glass back.

The bottom physical button also could use an overhaul like Samsung has done with the S8, totally removing any physical keys from the bottom giving an uninterrupted design language on the front of the phone.

Where is the mini Mi Mix that should’ve been the Mi 6 from Xiaomi! I was so sure that the beautiful bezel-less phablet would have its design language moved, at least somewhat, to the flagship Mi 6.

The Mi Mix still has not been made readily available in the global market, being a China only smartphone. So the world has yet to see what Xiaomi really is capable of in terms of design and innovation.

So now, we get a rather normal Mi 6, albeit still a good phone coming in at about US$400 ($560). It has a dual 12-megapixel setup on the rear with a setup similar to that of an iPhone 7 Plus, with a telephoto and wide-angle lens each, which is also found on the LG G5.

The Mi 6 has a Portrait Mode and a 2x zoom mode (optical) based on this camera set up, and the camera is a very decent unit. This isn’t one of those budget smartphones where you get terrible photo quality when the room is slightly dim. Camera is still solid on the Mi 6.

It also has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, a 3,350 mAh battery and is 5.15-inches in terms of screen size with a 1080p resolution.

The blue and gold version is the most beautiful, with a reflective blue body and gold edges, but along with the black and white version, this thing is a fingerprint magnet, which is something that I really hate on a smartphone. I often find myself wiping it down because my phone looked dirty or stained.

The other disaster is the removal of a headphone jack in favor of a USB-C port connection.

Of course Xiaomi would’ve done this, often cloning what bigger companies do.

However, the price is still a steal, and you can opt for 4GB RAM and 64GB storage versus 64GB RAM and 128GB storage for your “budget flagship” needs.


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