Samsung is bringing the Note 7 back from the dead

by Haadi Bakar
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Word has it that Samsung will be re-launching the Galaxy Note 7 sometime soon.

Samsung is going to sell this refurbished Note 7 at a much lower price, according to South Korean media. They will only be available in South Korea, but fingers crossed they might also show up in this region.

It’s obvious that Samsung is hoping to recoup its losses by salvaging parts from recalled Note 7 units last year and repackage them with a new (and hopefully non-exploding) battery pack.

This new battery is said to be smaller than the massive 3,500 mAh one it’s replacing.

I actually liked the Note 7 when it first came out. I was even planning on getting one until reports of exploding Note 7s started making headlines.

The Note 7 was a gorgeous looking phone and had really fantastic specs and features. The edge-to-edge display, fast charging and improvements on the S-Pen really grabbed a lot of praise from fans and critics.

If it wasn’t for the faulty battery issue, the Note 7 would’ve taken the top smartphone of the year crown in 2016.

But with all the (mostly positive) buzz surrounding Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 flagship right now, most people may have probably moved on from the Note 7 debacle.

It’s also worth mentioning that Samsung will announce a Galaxy Note 8 within three months from now, so a refurbished Note 7 with a smaller capacity battery doesn’t sound like a worthwhile purchase at this point of time.

At least you won’t be seeing the last of the Note 7, which we all thought we did after the second global recall back in September.

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