This crib mimics car motion to help babies sleep

by Haadi Bakar
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My 7-month-old niece would fall asleep easily during car rides. At home, however, it’s really hard to put her down. I’m sure parents can relate.

Realising this phenomenon, Ford built a crib that simulates a night ride to help babies sleep, because it’s never a good idea to take your little ones out for a spin in the middle of the night.

The Max Motor Dreams rocks the crib mimicking the sensation of a moving car, while a small speaker underneath the bed plays the muffled sound of a car engine.

There are also blinking LED lights on the sides of the crib that simulates the yellow glow of street lights.

The entire setup can be operated simply via a smartphone app supplied by Ford.

It’s still a prototype, but the car maker says it is seriously considering putting the crib into production if there is strong demand.

The Max Motor Dreams by Ford could be the crib of the future. Image courtesy of Ford.

Alejandro López Bravo, the designer of Max Motor Dreams, said that Ford’s invention could help make parents lives a little bit better.

“After many years of talking to mums and dads, we know that parents of newborns are often desperate for just one good night’s sleep,”  he said in a Ford press release.

“But while a quick drive in the family car can work wonders in getting baby off to sleep, the poor old parents still have to be awake and alert at the wheel.”

Nice work Alejandro. Any chance there will be a Max Motor Dreams for adults as well? I’m curious to try it out for myself.

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