Osmo Mobile looks absolutely stylish in silver

by Haadi Bakar
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Not every gadget has to come only in black, and that includes handheld video stabilisers.

Now there’s a silver version of the Osmo Mobile. It’s exactly everything we loved about DJI’s smartphone stabiliser that was first released last year, but with a new coat of paint.

Somehow the silver one looks more stylish than the original black release (but that’s subjective), especially if you have a white-coloured smartphone mounted on the gimbal.

So now there are two shades of the Osmo Mobile to choose from. Who knows, DJI might release other palettes sometime later this year. Gold Osmo Mobile anyone?

If you think the idea of mounting a white smartphone on a black-coloured Osmo Mobile seems unnatural, then this new silver version is probably for you.

The Osmo Mobile now comes in silver. Image courtesy of DJI.

Not to be confused with a selfie stick (although you can use it as one), the Osmo Mobile is an electronic gimbal for the smartphone. It’s used to help eliminate camera shake that occurs when you hold your phone with your hand while recording video.

Mobile filmmakers have been using handheld stabilisers like the Osmo to create smooth, cinematic motion shots for their videos.

One of the Osmo Mobile’s advanced features is ActiveTrack, which is adopted from DJI’s popular drones. It automatically tracks a moving subject and keeps it in the frame, useful during hands-free operation.

The device also allows users to take motion timelapse with their smartphones mounted on it.

The stabiliser currently retails for US$299 (around B$420).

Check out my review on the Osmo Mobile here.

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