Microsoft terminates Vista to make way for the future

by Haadi Bakar
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Hasta la Vista, baby! Microsoft pulled the plug on Windows Vista support effective yesterday.

If you happen to be stuck with this decade-old operating system, Microsoft insists that you upgrade, as the company will no longer provide security patches for it.

And don’t just update the OS, your hardware is probably outdated too. So get out there and buy a brand new computer with Windows 10 pre-installed.

You’ll be surprised with the amount of innovation you’ve missed out on the PCs currently in the market, and how awesome Windows 10 is!

I suggest Lenovo would be a good place to start, since they’ve just been crowned best laptop brand of 2017 by LaptopMag.

Flip 3D, one of the features of Windows Vista. Image courtesy fo Microsoft.

When I read the news that Microsoft’s finally putting an end to Vista yesterday, I thought, wait, Vista is still around? I honestly completely forgot it existed.

That’s because Vista wasn’t exactly a popular operating system when it launched in 2007. Upon release, it was panned by critics and customers for being a buggy, bloated mess.

It also led to a lot of consumers making the switch to the Mac during that period. Even Apple made fun of the Vista. A lot.

It was an awkward time for the Windows operating system, considering the enormous hype surrounding Vista prior to its launch. A lot of people actually anticipated its release after having waited for so long for a new Windows after the well-loved Windows XP.

Microsoft got me pretty excited with Vista’s visual style, called Aero, when the company teased the new OS months before release. I thought Aero looked revolutionary, only to realise later on that its nothing but resource-hogging eye-candy.

The worst offender has got to be its User Account Control (UAC) system. Vista was overly secure, to a point where it annoyed the heck out of me with its complicated security prompts.

Microsoft eventually fixed all those issues plaguing Vista with Windows 7 two years later. In fact, 7 was Vista done right and was even hailed by fans as one of the best Windows operating systems Microsoft has ever crafted.

Today, we have Windows 10, and with its advanced features such as  an evolved Start Menu, Task View, Snap Assist and Cortana, it’s a massive technical leap from Vista. We’ve truly come a long way from Aero.

Unlike Vista, however, which came out when the PC dominated the market and enjoyed a decade of popularity, Windows 10 arrived in the age of mobile. PC sales have fluctuated and Google’s Android is now the world’s most popular OS.

Microsoft even announced a while back that Windows 10 would be its last version of the desktop operating system The Redmond-based firm is now investing its resources towards more recent technologies such as mobile and augmented reality (and this could involve a rethinking of Windows).

Continuum shows a glimpse of Microsoft’s post-Windows future. Image courtesy of Microsoft.

Microsoft’s latest innovation, Continuum, which lets Windows 10 phone users use their smartphone like a desktop PC running Windows 10, could very well be a glimpse of Microsoft’s post-Windows future.

The death of Vista marks the beginning of an end to the traditional operating system. The next Windows to get the axe is Windows 7, scheduled for obsoletion in 2020.

All this is necessary to usher in the new age of personal computing.

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